Nerds? Why have they become so cool?

I myself am a huge comic book geek along with D&D, Magic: The Gathering, cosplay and Larp. It’s very different for me to see these teenagers even adults chiming in on this “hipster” phase. Although it’s simmering down there are still out there being “different”. Trust I’m not saying this is a bad thing, years have there phases some last longer then others. Now going on a little of a year of the “hipster” phase, I’d love to dive into the physiology of it all. I know I was a big trend setter in my school which irritated the heck out if me, being I wanted to be me(aka different). People now of days see different as a chance for attention, so they take it then it sets off into a trend. It’s quite simple once you get down to the basics. All there is to trends is media, different or you’re lucky and set a trend. People love to be the center whether we realize it or not, so we become what we think isn’t a norm which leads it to be a mainstream. Hipsters are finally dying down but definitely still around. So watch out for those who think they are a need it might be a trap.

Hipsters by Abby Schott

Live long and prosper



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