Top 5 Things You Do Not Say To The NeverEnding Story Fans

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1. Never Ending Story III was an unexpectedly good and fun entry in an otherwise boring series of movies.

2. Moon Child? So THAT’S what that kid bellowed!? What a stupid name!

3. I think a better name for The Rock Biter would be The Mineral Biter. I mean he ate limestone in the movie. That’s a mineral not a rock! Jesus, Marie!

4. Atreyu and Bastion are such dull characters that I can’t even care about what happens to them for a moment. I don’t even care whether or not I care.

5. The Nothing? Seriously? Well, it’s nice to see a movie about using one’s imagination that has writers with no imagination themselves when naming the villain which happens to be a giant hurricane with no dialogue. In fact, speaking of imagination the Fantasians have probably chosen the most unimaginative brat to save their world when you think about it. All he did was recreate everything he read in the book. I don’t remember him adding anything new of his own.

Disclaimer: The statements above are for the purposes of satire only and do not reflect the actual opinions of the writer.

Contributor: Rick McGimpsey


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