You can’t handle the truth!

To most people lying is a learned experience, but others developed lying. Now that being said, everyone knows how to low. In rare cases people can’t lie; which is actually a mental disorder, not that it’s a bad thing. More then most believe lying can also be considered a disorder. There are obvious traits that define this disorder such as pride. Yes, pride. Don’t worry, just because you’re prideful does not mean something’s wrong. Lying and pride themselves are not the disorder, merely a symptom of a possible personality disorder. Lying, unfortunately shows itself more prominent. Or, if you’re lucky, the lack of lying. Just kidding, some people really struggle with constantly telling the truth. Why? Because they know the truth hurts, and if they could lie things would be easier. Now remember, the inability to lie is pretty rare. Now before you start accusing people of being a liar when you know that’s all they do, be sure to analyze their actions. Do they brag, elaborate, act as if they are the center of attention or hide? There are many reasons people lie, there’s low self esteem, control or manipulation. A lot of times they do it seeking for attention. Sadly these traits are looked at then frowned upon, they aren’t recognized as a disorder by most. But when diagnosed the treatment is simple, an anti bipolar medication and counseling. I myself am a physiology fanatic and have been studying it for years. That does not mean all my information is helpful, if you do have anymore questions either ask a doctor or the semi trusty google. I grew up with a mentally unstable sister intriguing my interest in this topic. If anything I talk about is new and useful please let me know.

By Abby Schott

P.s. It’s okay to lie if you’re ready for the conciseness, human nature involves caring for others. Not ever truth has to be said.


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