The Generational Divide.

It’s quite odd being the “old” guy in conversations.  I used to think of my late father and his generation as the “old guys.”  They would talk endlessly about how lazy and nonproductive my generation was.  Of course it angered me.  I wanted, as an atypical Gen Xer to prove them wrong.  All in all my generation…the ones who coined the phrase “Slacker and proud of it,” came along relatively well.  Now, ironically, I find myself becoming my father and his friends.  I become so annoyed at the hashtag loving, reboots of childhood favorites and social media loving progeny, that belongs to myself and my fellow Gen Xers.  I suppose it’s ridiculous for me to admonish the hash taggers, Tweeters and the Instagrammers as much as it was for my parents to admonish cassette tapes, VHS and cable.  I also find it increasingly annoying that those of my generation post inane things on social media (Facebook especially) about how much better things were before there was such a thing.  Do I miss playing my turntable outside on a summer day?  Yes.  Do I also enjoy the interaction provided online, of course I do.  I still enjoy both.  I suppose my message is this, balance them both.  Whether one is from the GI Generation, like my 91 year old grand father, a Baby Boomer, like my mother a Gen Xer like myself, or a Millenial like my children.  The point is enjoy your life in every way.


Brian Holder


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