Why are we so pissed off?

What is the definition of anger? No, not to you, but the true actual real piece of information in a dictionary. Ask yourself that question, and then derive an answer from within yourself. Seeing as that’s where it comes from, I don’t really think most of us were truly born angry with anyone or anything. We were trained, we we’re exposed to it in our every day lives since falling out of our Mother’s lady bits. Do you find yourself angered now just by reading this? I would say if that’s the case, then you should probably be sure of one of a few things.

Who the hell are you angry at? I think this is the most important question. Because this by itself can determine a lot of the hostility in your life. Most people want to make us believe it is something from their past. Or a certain individual, whom they have consistently come into contact with that makes their blood boil so hot it singes the skin. But is that really the problem? Or is it something more? Are we really trying so hard to focus in on what makes us so angry? That we’ve suddenly forgotten the good in our lives? 

Can you get rid of this anger by yourself? I would say in this sense, yes to a degree you could very well do this. However, if your anger or being pissed off comes from another source. Then address it, go forth into the land and find these people or person. And tell them what they do that makes you so enraged. Now, I am not telling you to approach this in a hostile manner. None of us should go out and get shit faced and confront the person head on. This is illegal, and can lead to things that no person should encounter. 

My point is this, and I didn’t plan on going to far with this one. If your anger or resentment is aimed at something. “Preferably Healthy” You don’t have to let this stuff control you on a daily basis. Don’t allow it to become so part of who you are that you lose a piece of yourself. People will always be there, and you are not alone in the battle. I have known too many people to give up, and do something that is absolutely unnecessary before they say something. All I am saying is, don’t let that person be you and yes, I am talking to you. =)

Contributor- Chris Ballenger 


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