Parenting done right. Maybe.

Contributor: Brian Holder

As the father of two sons, one is eleven and the other five, I sometimes wonder if I’m doing a good job.  No, I don’t mean keeping them fed or wearing clean clothes, etc.  I do that.  I mean as a father am I teaching them the fun things?  I’m a geek and always have been, yet it’s only recently that I’ve introduced them to Sci Fi classics, like Star Wars, Star Trek and Dr. Who.  Granted they grew into Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman as they saw me wear my myriad of DC comic related apparel and watched the insane amount of comic related film and series I own. I was fearful of testing the waters with many of the “classics” I grew up with.  I have begun slowly showing them Ghostbusters, Short Circuit and Back to the Future, hoping that the magic that was there for me as a child might strike a chord in them.  So far, it’s been a success.  With Star Wars, they prefer the original trilogy over the modern.  Star Trek?  The original series has struck a chord.  Even with Dr. Who, they like surprisingly, Patrick Troughton over any of the others.  My biggest concern is pushing them to the point that they don’t want to give “Papa’s” interests a chance.  I know, because my father loved war movies, novels and had a collection of guns.  He pushed them on my sister, brother and myself so much we went in an opposite direction and never could appreciate what he held so dearly. I write this mostly because of the endless internet memes showing parents and their children at comic and sci fi conventions in cosplay with the tag line, “Parenting done right.”   Is it?  I encourage my children to like what they like, but to also look at what that goofy old guy, they call Papa, likes and maybe we can share it, together.


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