Why talking about abortion, masturbation and Mormons show’s consideration to others

Have you ever been told not to talk about politics, sex or religion? Most of the people around me have at some point in their lives. When I have asked friends and coworkers about this phenomena, they say they willseldom talk about those topics because it will start arguments. Some people I have spoken with have gone as far as to say that if you engage in that kind ofconversation, it will incite violence and end in broken bones. I feel people are told not to talk about these topics when they are little so that they can show consideration to other people. But how are people showing consideration to others by refraining from dialogue that showcases an individual value? What’s their belief in? In my opinion, not very much. I feel a lot of this issue can be solved by coming at these topics with peaceful intentions. Lets try saying something like I would like to learn more about you and your values. I feel that will open the floor up for good conversation. That will show true consideration of other people because you are saying I am interested in who you are as a person instead of just of keeping the conversation to small talk that may only end up in small friendships.     


Contributor- Kyle Gerst 


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