Expendables 3 Review

Expendables 3

This should be called the Outstandables!!! A highly enjoyable, blow everything up in sight, action movie that we all remember from the good old days. These days the movie industry seems to be set on big CGI blockbusters where actors are rarely able to get stuck in and get bloody. Although a little CGI was involved it didnt saturate the overall.

I was unsure of the addition of the younglings but by the end I thought they were a good edition. That said, I found Ronda Roust a little bit lacking. No doubt she kicks butt like the rest but her acting ability when it came to dialogue just didnt quite gel.

Props to Antonio Banderas and Mel Gibson though, an excellent performance by both harkening back to Assassins for Banderas and Gibson was back at his Riggs-esque best, these guys certainly know how to insane. I for one am glad to see Gibson back on the screen from his Hollywood imposed exile.

Schwarzenegger and Harrison Ford didn’t necessarily need to be there, nor did Jet Li for that matter, but it was fun to see them regardless. A couple of well placed one liners from previous Arnie flicks was just enough, unlike the second instalment of this franchise where every second line seemed to be from the archive.I would highly recommend The Expendables 3, stuff get blown up and sometimes thats all we need!


Contributor- Anthony Lucas


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