What I Have Learned

This is going to be a first of a few posts on my part. Dealing with the struggles of being who you are, and basically getting where you want to go. I can remember a time when I was beaten down with a very defeatist attitude. Things didn’t ever come easy, and I just accepted that’s just how things were. I didn’t know what my potential was, and quite frankly I guess it didn’t really matter. I was searching blindly for something that I knew wasn’t going to surface. 

I guess that’s what you call being insane right? The whole “Expecting to get something doing it the same way repeatedly”. But when you do that it only becomes a repeated sickness that you yourself have to push out. Success, it doesn’t come in a day a month or a year, it comes to you when you have done tireless pushing of yourself. To make your life as great as you can, and that isn’t about personal gain. Whether that be through making a lot of money or getting things you want. 

It’s about living a certain way, conducting yourself in such a style that people will want to be around you and be where you are. Not in the sense of being in the same room, just simply put be on the level that you have chosen for yourself. It’s not about the clothes you wear or the car’s you drive. It’s an inner acceptance, that doing anything less than what’s the best is not an option. 

Being average isn’t acceptable, you have to come to grips with that fact. Normality is inferior, and that’s just the way it is. I know, it’s going to be hard for everyone. And believe me, it doesn’t get any easier not matter what you do. But nothing we do in life that’s fulfilling to us isn’t ever easy. You’ve got to have a personal obsession with being great and that has to be your standard. Or, you can live average and never achieve the goals you have for yourself. “The Choice Is Yours”

Contributor- Chris Ballenger 


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