Terra Green: Savior of the Earth (Working title, live with it)

Hello all. this is Matt. I’m working on several ideas for a fiction novel. Let me know if it strikes you.

I am twelve years old. I go to school with the other kids, I eat lunch with the other kids, I even ride the bus with the other kids. My name is Terra Greene. I know, weird name right? I mean, why not call me God’s Green Earth? It’s not like I don’t have enough problems as it is. For some reason I was born without reproductive organs. I just have smooth skin where they would be, and I’ve been to enough doctors to know for sure I’m not entirely human. That doesn’t stop the other kids from picking on me though. Quite the opposite. My skin is a pale green, my eyes and hair are a bright green, heck, even my fingernails, teeth, and tongue are slightly green. That in itself warrants some confusion over who exactly, or what, my birth father is. Of course, it doesn’t help my problem that I don’t talk much. The other kids try to bring me down every day, and to be honest, it’s working. But I’ll fight back by enduring. I’ll quietly take this abuse, because I don’t care about them, and that’s not even touching on the things I can do that no human can. Just to name a few, I have what my mom calls Chlorokinesis. I can control plants with my mind. A vine, or sapling, or thin tree branch, can move if I call on it to do so. I have run away from many a fight by wrapping weeds around the other kids’ ankles. I still chuckle every time. And I can rejuvenate dead or dying flowers, just by touching them.  It’s not all bad though. I have one friend, and he doesn’t care that I’m entirely green. He told me once he wishes he were green too, so that I wouldn’t be the only one of my kind, because i’m obviously not human.

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