Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Analysis And Review

I will be going over these two films, not really reviewing them exactly. I suppose it’ll be more like a comparing of which I thought was better. And then talking a little bit about what I think of the series of films as a whole body. I may also push in a tiny little nugget of where I see the series going after this. I do hope you guys enjoy!! =)  This is part one of that, I will be writing part two at some point probably starting tomorrow.  

I thought to myself when I saw this trailer, that the title of this and the sequel were some what backwards. I’m sure as you could very well see, Dawn should be the beginning of the uprising of the Apes society. Am I right? And then of course, you have Rise which come’s just shortly after and we get into the thick of everything else. But, that’s not really why I am talking about these films is it? I remember seeing a couple of the old films and thinking, that most of these Apes were just a bunch of elitist assholes. And I really got nothing from them character wise. 

Rise centers in on a young Ape by the name of Cesar. You basically see the entire world or at least most of it from his perspective. And that is one of the reason’s why I was so invested in this experience from the get go. He feels like he wants to be human, and understands the Humans more than even some people do. And yet, deep down as the film goes along he know’s he’s different. And it slowly begins to get to him deeper into hot water as we continue down the journey with him. He longs for freedom, as well as companionship from his other peers whether they be Human or Ape. 

When he is separated from the family that raises him in their home. You see that even with his overwhelming intelligence and prowess. The animals he is surrounded with are almost compared to the school yard bullies. They see him as almost sort of a joke, he even has a rivalry with a couple of Alpha Male’s in there jungle like play pen. Not only that, but Cesar has bouts with unkind workers who mess with him constantly. So, he is generally confused as to what to do. 

But as we go along, he finds a way to get control of the vast majority of the basic Prison for his kind. By despersing the enhancement, and what would later of course be the detriment to most of humanity. I always saw Cesar as sort of a patriarch of both world’s he bridge between them. He wanted things to stay peaceful since day one, but always knew that it may lead to something hostile. Because how could humanity coexist with another race just like them? And of course we find out later, that this bridge is slightly snapped and can’t stay up with to much weight. 

The military realizes that it has to take action, when the Apes start to become so enhanced that they push there way out of their holding facility. Not really wanting to cause to many disturbances. Just wanting to find a place where they can call their own and be by themselves. Because that’s all ever anyone wants right? Just to be left alone in peace and quiet and not be told what to do. I feel like a lot of this movie points towards how oppressive society can actually be. Ton’s of undertones, that really fit in with how we see our lives even today in our world. 

We come to the end of the film, where he Apes are fighting with the police on the bridge. Which is sort of a metaphor of that tension boiling over actually. Cesar finds himself losing control of not only his faction. But everything he wanted to be for so long but lost out on. He is able to get to the woods with the other Apes towards that latter half. But meet’s his care taker and realizes finally, as they both kind of do at the very same moment. That Cesar and his new found family are where they need to be. That Humans and Apes in their current state cannot exist any longer. Where will it go from here? Guess you’ll just have to wait and see tomorrow!! =) 

Contributor- Chris Ballenger 


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