Fan Boys & Graphic Whores: A Cancer To Gaming?

When it comes to being a gamer, whether you are a hardcore, casual, or you just all around love gaming as a hobby, there are the big four places where you can choose on where to do your beloved hobby. Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and PC. No matter where you choose or who you go to the ideal is to have fun and enjoy the hobby that we’ve all grown to cherish and love. However with the 7th generation there came a new threat to all of those who don’t care about taking sides, or that a particular console has a must have exclusive game. This threat that I speak of is of course the fan boy and graphic whores.

It is apparently not enough to just be a gamer or just enjoy it casually, You must be a fan boy and must draw the line at either Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo or PC. Well as someone who is extremely passionate about this industry as a whole, I find this to be in extreme poor taste, then again who doesn’t? Fan boys are always bragging about how their console is the “best” of them all and that everything else is below them. Graphic whores are also being included in this as they too are whats wrong with being a gamer.

Apart from the constant fan boy rage wars everyone has come to know and see, graphic whores have also joined the party exclaiming that if a particular game isn’t in 1080p or is 60 fps then they flip out and exclaim that they’re not going to buy that game. Graphics are not the most important thing when it comes to a game. To this gamer, graphics are just a layer of paint upon an already multilayer form of entertainment. To me what makes a game great and worth playing is the story and the characters, and of course the gameplay. Whenever some one starts complaining about graphics, I always bring up the game Minecraft which has eight bit graphics and very basic gameplay and story. It is a worldwide phenomenon.

In closing, I just want to say to everyone out there who plays games as a hobby, or perhaps even more as a hobby, don’t let yourself caught up in the arguments with these egotistical fan boys and graphics whore. Pick a platform that you like and enjoy it. When it comes right down to it, we are all gamers and we should enjoy our hobby, not fighting with each other and bragging about whose platform is superior. Don’t let this cancer of fan boys and graphic whores spread any further then it already has.

Adam Buskirk 


One thought on “Fan Boys & Graphic Whores: A Cancer To Gaming?

  1. Samantha Cook

    I couldn’t agree with you more! Games, regardless of the platform are meant to be played and enjoyed. I know plenty of people who are drawing battle lines (so to speak) about this system or that game. I grew up wtih Caleco and Atrari, so I have seen how far the gaming world has come. What used to be a once in a while kind of entertainment has become a battleground to some people. I play games on all 4 platforms… PC, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. I have every Nintendo, a PS2, and Xbox (first system) and a laptop. I love games for what they bring me, not the graphics, and not the company that created it. I couldn’t care less, if it seems of interest and I want to play it, then I’ll play it! Period! I think more people need to think like you do about games!! Let’s hope the rest of the gaming world catches up soon.

    ~Samantha 🙂



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