Is CGI Causing Lazy Film Making?

We cant escape that these days a large portion of blockbuster movies are heavily reliant on Computer Generated Imagery. But is it causing lazy film making?

I am warming more and more to CGI in feature films, Avengers Assemble and Gravity were visually stunning (lets not discuss the Gravity storyline, blurgh!!!) but the issue I have is that i believe it is, at times, unnecessary.

What put me off of CGI in the first place was 2007’s I Am Legend. This to me was outright lazy filmmaking coupled with CGI capability not being of the calibre required to make us believe the “vampires” were real. What was wrong with the tried and tested method of make up? Another example of this was NBC’s Grimm, a show I was looking forward to but couldn’t sit through the first episode due to the ridiculous CGI faces of the creatures, and i’ve never watched it since. Dont even get me started on the prequel Yoda!!!!!

Being a child of the Buffy generation I enjoy seeing creatures being acted not generated. I accept the need for transformations from human to demon or whatever being generated but why ruin the look with something that, even now, is not convincingly real?

The recent release of the potential Deadpool movie footage did look fantastic but still didn’t give me the impression of real life. I’m completely stoked that the movie may be coming but I really hope that Ryan Reynolds will actually don the suit and not just voice over generated images.

CGI has its place for sure, for backgrounds and other visually stimulating actions and I firmly believe the technology will eventually fool us completely into thinking the images are human/real but can the movie industry please let the actors act and not scrimp on the make up budget?

Contributor- Anthony Lucas 


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