Birthdays are more fun when others are having fun.

     Today was my birthday and I had a great time.  I was wished a great day by family, dear friends and even a couple of wrestling legends.  I had memes made for me, as well as one of the most incredible photoshops of me on the cover of a video game.  That’s not what made today great, though.

     What made today great was knowing how much fun people had doing all of these wonderful things.  People not only took time out of their day, but they worked to just make me smile and were rewarded with my absolute awe at how creative and sweet they were.

     I was also lucky enough to spend my entire day with my youngest son.  Yes my shoulder will be sore, tomorrow, from pushing him on the swing in the park.  Yes I did kill my cell phone jumping into the pool with him, this sweltering afternoon.  It doesn’t matter.  The pure enjoyment and happiness on his face was a present that no one can buy or wrap.

     Sometimes we get too wrapped up in the “It’s MY day” mindset.  I find it’s far better to enjoy not only a day for me, but to enjoy knowing other people are happy, too.  So to another thirty nine years of mine and a million more for you.  Happy day!

Brian Holder


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