5 Things You Learn From Your First Outlaw Rave

Disclaimer: All of the names and places mentioned are changed for the sake of anonymity. Any similarities between people and places here to real life counterparts are of pure coincidence and nothing more.

So, in a blog post that will be coming up soon, there is one thing that I make it a point to mention about 2012. Even though I meant that on a grander scale, I do also mean that on a more personal scale. At the time, I was 16, meeting new people, moving to new places and doing new things. Among these things would be a night that I still remember fondly, to this very day. My first rave. And there are things during that first rave that I feel you can only learn from having experienced it. So here is all of that in written form.

1. They are not hard to find….if you know the right people-

It was about mid-may(ish) when I got invited to the rave. Looking back on everything now, I realize that I actually got a bit lucky in how I was invited. I was over to my friend, Alex’s house. As soon as I stepped into the door, I see two things. First, my best friend , John, sitting on the couch and playing Call of Duty, and secondly, Alex next to him; dressed head to toe in black, with  a black bookbag on. He asked me a single question.

Want to go to a rave?

And just like that, I was in. Plain and simple.

Now,  understand that I was lucky, because the process is much harder if you have no connections. First off, anyone can go online and find a ‘rave’ to attend. I use quotations there because these days, those are moreso EDM festivals. They are exactly the kind of party you are thinking of, and I’ll explain why that is wrong a bit later.

Also understand that for something like this, there is no advertising. Absolutely everything is ran through by word of mouth. So for me to just get offered it through the door was nothing short of pure luck and knowing the right people.

2. Finding it is a puzzle.

So I said yes, and then me, Alex and John departed. We eventually met up with Alex’s contact, who we’ll name Walter here, because I’m currently watching Breaking Bad. Anyway, as it turned out, Walter didn’t even know where this place was. As we would eventually find out, the only people who actually knew where the place was, would be the person holding the event, and the DJ.in fact, the only clue that we had was a single word that was sent out to all of the promoters.

Other than that, we were given a general area and that’s where the clues ended. So we did of course, what any sane group of friends would do in a situation like this. We searched every single bridge in that area we could find.

We originally started to look for this place at around 9, and only found it at 12. We searched high and low and I’m not exaggerating when I say that we checked abandoned warehouses, went through forests, ended up at the top hills of graveyards, got into illegal train stations (those exist, by the way), before finally we were about to give up. We all ended up crashing at this 24/7 deli before meeting a girl we will call Ashley. Maybe it was obvious where we were going because upon seeing us, she asked one thing. “Are you guys outlaws?”

As it would turn out, we, by chance, were only a block away from the place. There was a highway that went through the forest, and as it turns out, a section of it was also a bridge with a retired traintrack under it. To any cars passing by, you wouldn’t have even known it was there.  But finally, we found it.

3. It’s less of a party and more of a party.

Alright, so we find the place and get down to the floor. It’s nothing fancy, just a group of people dancing around the DJ, a few speakers, a few lights and an electric generator to power it all. Now, that was what was in the center of the party. Typical.

On the outskirts however…. Well lets just say that I’ve never seen so many drugs in my life. Take your pick, weed, heroin, coke, lsd, it was all there and there were people using it. Understand that there was absolutely no age restriction to a place like this. If you know about it, you attend, do your stuff, party with a few people and leave. Nothing more, nothing less.

If I had to give this any other name, I would say drug orgy.

I will say now that I didn’t do any drugs. That’s my story/possible lie and I’m sticking to it. But I will say that it was a bit harder to run when I needed it. Which brings us to…

4. You will learn how to run from cops.

The night went as it did, me, Alex and John are all having our fun. We dance, we flirt with whoever is there, we eat rave bacon (surprisingly, not a drug) and we’re generally having a pretty good time.

Then, the lights turn off.

Now, me and John automatically find each other in the dark. It should be known that me and this guy are like brothers, having known each other since we were in diapers. So automatically, we know what each other is thinking. Something isn’t right here. And we’re going to have to run.

Everybody get on the ground now!
And so we ran. We ran fast and ran far. Eventually, Alex caught up with us and we all went home. That was the end of a night that none of us ever forgot.

5. You’re going to want to do it again.

I can not stress this enough. After your first Outlaw, you’re going to want to. In my time since then, I’ve been to a few more and each time, it has been special. It’s one thing to go to a party, but there is some sort of high (even without drugs) that comes from something like an Outlaw. I wish that I could say more about this, but it is really simple that once you get into this life, it just becomes addicting.

Or who knows. Maybe I’m just young and dumb.

Look around for connections and perhaps you could be the judge.

Contributor: David Eli Voltaire


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