Is Happiness A Lie Part 1

A crew that robbed pharmacies to feed his drug addictions. At the end The movie his character said “Most People do not know how they are Going to feel from moment to moment. But a dope fiend has pretty Good idea. All they got to do is look At the labels on the little bottles.” How often have you or one of your Friends gone to the psychiatrist and Told them you’re feeling some kind of negative feeling and there answer Has been well, there is a drug for that?Think about it if we feel depressed There are antidepressants. If we feel Anxiety there are medications like Xanax. If we are feeling unfocused we can take adderall. We take so many Of these medications to relieve ourselves stresses that there is a best seller A book called prozac nation. I feel we do this to chase happiness, 

But what happens when those two dollars do not get you happiness? I feel people, then turn to illegal drugs. Whether your drug of choice is crystal Meth,heroin, or cocaine the common thread on why those users take it I feel is chasing happiness. People who are addicted to these drugs will trade a tiny hit at cost of their job, a friendship, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a family member, even their last dollar. And once hooked to these drugs, there is no more concern for your well being. Just how much of this drug do I have to take two feel better today? And sometimes these drugs lead to overdose and suicide. Just this year we have lost Phillip Seymour Hoffman to a hearing overdose and it think that a longstanding cocaine addiction was of the causes that led to Robin Williams committing suicide. But are drugs the only way people chase happiness? More on that in part 2. 

Contributor- Kyle Gerst 


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