Is Sherlock more than Elementary?

Being the last to join the party as always, I have just seen the first episode of Sherlock season 1. Up until this point I have failed to understand the hype that has surrounded Benedict Cumberbatch and if i’m completely honest, I still don’t. The episode started off a bit ho hum but I stuck with it if only to watch Martin Freeman who, in my mind, can do no wrong (don’t believe me watch Fargo, outstanding!). That said, the second half picked up nicely. The chase scene when both heroes are pursuing a black cab through the back streets of London was brilliant, especially the way Sherlocks thought process was portrayed on screen. The story arc itself got better once we found out who this weeks bad guy was and I ended up thoroughly enjoying the episode.

The next logical step is to compare this incarnation with Jonny Lee Millers of Elementary. Now, this version of the story was a big hit with me from day one. Usually Lucy Liu would be reason enough for me to be glued to the screen but add Jonny Lee Miller (JLM from here on out!) and take the whole shebang out of London and i’m hooked. Its refreshing to see Holmes taken out of his comfort zone that has always been the setting of his cases regardless of the year in which they occur. Lets move on from Conan Doyles idea of romantic old London town and throw Holmes into some new territory. This coupled with JLMs fantastically insane portrayal of Holmes makes for some great TV. Cumberbatchs Holmes is undoubtedly troubled but only manages to come across as slightly annoying but JLMs version is outright crazy and his issues are more believable.

In conclusion I am loving both of these shows but in an ideal world i would have JLM in New York with Martin Freeman as Watson with the whole thing written by Steven Moffat. Lucy Liu i still love you regardless, maybe you could be the new Mrs Hudson

Contributor: Anthony Lucas


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