Leaked Photos, Scandal, and Jennifer Lawrence

Contributor: Rick McGimpsey

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Hollywood Scandal. The phrase brings to mind images of stars and starlets cheating, divorcing, making sex tapes, fighting with other celebrities, and other unsavoury things. And the juicier it gets the better say the tabloids. 
However, what never comes to mind when Hollywood Scandal hits the headlines is innocence. People never think of misunderstandings or abuses of privacy when gossip faces the scrutiny of the public. As far as the public is concerned, celebrities have no right to privacy anyway.

As many of you know a series of erotic photos of Jennifer Lawrence were recently leaked after an anonymous hacker got into her phone. The pics range from provocative poses to outright nudity. The news, being less than 24 hours old, is already causing a buzzstorm among the social media and internet news communities and such a crapload of coverage is to be expected. Nothing new there.

But, the thing that bothers me is that Jennifer Lawrence is the one looking bad. Her entire persona is being questioned because of these pictures; and my question is, why? When you honestly think about it, what is it that Jennifer Lawrence did wrong? She didn’t leak the pictures herself and neither is she pulling some Kardashian stunt by showing her dirty laundry just to gain press. These photos were made with innocent intentions.

It is obvious that these photos were taken during an intimate moment with her boyfriend and not for the ogling eyes of perverted fans; and so, I ask, what’s the problem? Her sexual life is (or at least should be) a private thing between her and her partner. People have been having sex with each other for millions of years and, yes, many of them have enjoyed the privilege of taking photographs, painting portraits, and drawing sketches of each other in erotic undress. And unless we are to label the entire sexual history of humanity as evil we have no right to judge their private lives. Jennifer Lawrence is no different.

The real deviants here are the bastard who hacked into her phone and the press making a case of it. Leaking her personal photos for the voyeuristic pleasure of the general public is the problem. The problem is not the photos themselves. Perhaps we should stop blaming human beings for acting like human beings and start worrying about human beings who act like animals. 


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