The Possession of Michael King

Reviewed by Anthony Lucas

As usual I’m whiling the time away at work (nightshift, insanely boring!!!) so i trawl through the endless movie streaming sites looking for something to help end the monotony. I stumbled across The Possession of Michael King and, and first, thought Meh! Another do-it-yourself home movie demon invasion flick. However the synopsis of a Godless mans decision to make a documentary proving that the supernatural exists after his wife dies was too good to ignore.

Firstly, compared to the other POV movies “documenting” the existence of the supernatural this is by far my favourite. Yes, there was plenty of night vision green tinged footage but not enough to be annoying like some previous attempts.

Secondly, there was no “night one, 3am”, which has always niggled me but i cant honestly say why.

And finally, it was brilliantly shot. There are a few scenes that will make you jump a little but the overall creep factor is what, well, creeps up on you. The progression of Michaels quest to prove/disprove if demons exist was slow to begin with but accelerates at a good pace towards the end. There is quite a bit of blood thrown around but not an abundance that many horror movies are going for these days. This movie is simply quality over quantity. The effects are outstanding, I don’t know what the budget was for this film but whatever it was, it was put to good use. Michaels transformation is expertly done and any CGI that is used is seamless. The characters were great especially Michael, whose struggle was portrayed brilliantly by Shane Johnson.

In conclusion, I find it refreshing to watch a film where the story and direction are enough to make the viewer feel creeped out as opposed to lame actors throwing buckets of blood around and having things pop up as a camera pans round just to make you jump. I thoroughly enjoyed this film and if you like the supernatural you will too.


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