Twenty five years after, I still remember one of the coolest nights ever.

     It seems odd to remember the exhilaration I felt being a Batman fan and realizing I would be seeing the first new live action Batman, in a generation.  Most people saw it on opening night, June twenty third nineteen eighty nine.  At the time big films had a premier showing with premier ticket prices.  I saved my money and saw it on June twenty second.

     I obviously couldn’t drive myself, but my sister was in town.  She was on break from college, MIT.  The day I bought advanced tickets, I was wearing a Batman tee shirt, my oversized glasses and the happiest look a kid could have.  There was a huge concrete staircase leading to the parking lot.  After purchasing my tickets, I gleefully leapt off the top of the steps to go to my grandfather’s car.  Unfortunately, I was no Batman and I busted my knee in the process.  People laughed and I was bleeding, but I didn’t care.  I was going to see Batman.

     I remember telling my sister how much I thought this move was going to horrible.  I told her that if there was no Robin, then Batman wouldn’t be the same.  I asked her if I should watch my VHS tape of Adam West’s 1966 adventure first.  She told me just go into it as a fan and take from it what you will.

     I had to loan her one of my many Batman tee shirts.  Hey, it was a big deal, to me.  I remember us taking our seats and laughing about how we hoped Keaton wouldn’t go all Mr. Mom and Nicholson wouldn’t just be well Nicholson.  By the way, the latter was true.  I also remember distinctly, everyone in the theater wearing Batman paraphernalia.  Why I remember that so clearly, is because of this one bubble head, who was likely dragged there by her boyfriend, asking “Where’d these people get all of that Batman stuff?”  I could hear the laughter at the question, throughout the rows.  This was 1989.  There was Batman cereal, for goodness sakes!

     The film was more than I hoped for.  It’s still a classic, to me.  However, the best part of watching that film is remembering a fun night with my older sister.  I was so lucky.  She could have been spending time with her high school friends or any number of wanna be boyfriends.  She took that time to spend with her dorky kid brother, because of that, I will always love that movie.

Contributor: Brian Holder


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