Rivalry’s In Wrestling Are Non Existent

 I haven’t really covered anything in relation to this subject since this thing began here. But, watching a wide assortment of matches the last couple of weeks has gotten me in the mood. When was the last time you saw a really good rivalry in Professional Wrestling? I mean something that made your jaw drop every time you saw the two get into the ring. Or even throw some of the greatest equally flawless promos? Not very many I wouldn’t think within the last say 4 or 5 years Hmmm? I guess the last one that I really recall being halfway decent. Was whenever Triple H and Randy Orton got into the ring together, or when John Cena and Batista locked bull horns. Mind you, not some of the most technically gifted athletes. But it was still extremely exciting to see all of those guys tear it up with each other again. And I gave you hope for the business as a whole, that maybe, just maybe, things weren’t as bad as you thought they were. 

I remember even in TNA when Kurt Angle first debuted on the brand of Wrestling. His first opponent was none other then the Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe. And that moment between them in my mind, when Angle gets a head butt straight to the forehead and nose. That was a moment for me, that would stand the test of time in Wrestling for years to come. And what gave these amazing feuds even more validity were the back stage beefs. Stuff that you knew deep down had to have some push from its backstage benefactors. Was it always for certain? No, but it still felt legitimately real to most of us that knew the sport quiet well. Or at least the majority of us thought we did anyway ha-ha!! =) I always remember watching Mankind and Undertaker myself, with friends where we’d just sit there in awe of the whole thing. We really couldn’t keep our eyes off the TV screen it was that breathtakingly magical for us as fans. Shawn Michael’s and Brett Hart, and the list goes on and on I am sure with myself and many other people who adore this on my level. 

I think people try to say that Andre and Hogan was absolutely monumental. And why that’s the case, I could slap you in the face with about 20 other rivalry’s that could really trump that drastically. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to take away from that like it was nothing. Because those moments between Andre and Hogan were absolutely spectacular. But I could sit through a fight on repeat in ECW between Jerry Lynn and Rob Van Dam and enjoy that more. Then I could see Hogan slamming the big Giant over his shoulders. Because those things to me mean so much more, than one single moment that has stood the test of time throughout the years. Even Hogan and Sting in at the peak of WCW’s supremacy slam dunks in comparison. But hey, it’s just my opinion right? I have respect for the history, just as much as anyone does who truly understands how insanely beautiful this thing is. The true blood, sweat and tears that came from the likes of Raven and Tommy Dreamer

I remember getting in trouble in 1995 for getting my hands on Holiday Hell. Because my Grandparents were appalled at how violent that PPV it actually was. But it was matches like that, and passion like that even in the backwoods so to speak, of Kings Of Extreme where I was impacted the most. And it is stuff that I myself will never be able to forget, to be quite honest, who the hell would want to though? I’m sure there are many more amazing things that I could have mentioned. But to do that, I would probably have to write out some sort of novel I guess right? =) I just feel like Wrestling itself could use more of those stand still holy shit I can’t believe I just saw that Rivalry’s. What do you think? Are you satisfied with what you see nowadays? I may actually delve deeper into this at a later date if I get the inspiration to do so.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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