Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Didn’t Notice These Things Before

             “Party on, dudes!” Who can forget this line if you’ve ever watched Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. But this movie has so many great lines that if someone asked me what the best line was, I would have a hard time picking just one. “We’ll save ya babes!”, “You killed Ted you medieval dickweed!”, and the best line by a president in any movie… “Be excellent to each other, and… party on dudes!” But this movie is about more than just two dumb teen guys about to fail their history class. There is actually a big gaping hole in this story. Have you seen it yet?

Okay, here it is…. If Rufus comes from the future in order to help Bill S. Preston Esquire and Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan ace their history presentation, because the future is based on the music of Wyld Stallions; then how did the future get to be what it was in the first place? A future has to happen first and then someone can go back and change things, correct? But if they were originally destined to fail their report and this the break-up of Wyld Stallions is eminent, then how did the future get to be what it was in the first place? I mean, look at Back to the Future! Marty goes back in time, changes things and when he returns home, his life is definitely different. So why do the rules of time travel not apply to Bill and Ted’s then?

Perhaps the writers just didn’t care to worry about such a thing. But I think that it is more likely they thought no one would really notice this massive plot hole. But something like this wouldn’t cut it in today’s movie making world. Moviegoers are smarter now, and more apt to notice little details like this. Filmmakers would never leave such an obvious lack of detail in the film. Now I know that some people are going to argue with me and say that this movie or that movie has a massive plot hole just like B & T; however, I am more likely to believe that in the films of this century, those plot holes are very intentional.

Of course, don’t get too worked up about this, because after all, B & T was an 80s movie about two dumb teen guys that had no idea that Joan of Arc was not Noah’s wife. The movie does have many redeeming qualities that make-up for the laxness of the story. The idea of traveling around time and picking up famous historical figures to come and speak at your history presentation is pretty awesome! Also, that although Bill and Ted are totally clueless about educational knowledge, they are pretty intelligent when it comes to traveling around time, bagging famous people and fixing a time machine. Also, the smart move by Ted to say to himself “Trashcan. Remember a trashcan.” and then to actually remember to go back in time after the report to set up the trashcan. This same idea applies to his father’s keys as well.

Now, I have always been partial to Bill in the movie. I found him smart (in a strange sort of way), funny and loyal. But rewatching this film after years of not seeing it has given me a new perspective on Bill and Ted. While Bill is still all the things I mentioned (in some way, shape or form); Ted is really the brains of the operation. (I know… you’re possibly thinking that I must be out of my mind). But hear me out. Apart from the things Ted did that I mentioned in the previous paragraph, he also knows how to speak to princesses; knows to look Socrates up under So-Crates, and he is intelligent enough and quick enough to shuck and jive his little tushy out of sight after he falls down the stairs and out of his suit of armor. Not only that, but no one noticed him doing it either. He also lures away Genghis Khan away from a woman he was ravaging, with a Twinkie no less.

But Bill has his own moments too, like when they are playing cards with Billy the Kid and the other cowboys; he knows to have a poker face, and points this out to Ted. But Ted has now become my favorite character in this film, but Bill will also be a great character to me as well.

But I have one more point of interest to bring up involving this story. How can these two bring eight historical figures from across time back the San Dimas 1988 and not expect there to be any ill effects. (Yes, I know this is a movie – but think about it even just a little bit.) Socrates, Billy the Kid, Napoleon, Joan of Arc, Genghis Khan, Beethoven, Sigmund Freud, and Abraham Lincoln. These eight people are taken from their own lands and times to be brought to a place and time that didn’t exist for most of them. They see and learn things while they are in 1988 San Dimas and then they are returned home. Would not the things they have experienced have some influence on how they resume their lives in the respective times and places?

So all-in-all, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is a good movie and it is still fun to watch after all these years, it makes you wonder about what would have changed within the world and within history if the movie were real and not just a movie. I hope that I have made you look at this movie a little differently if nothing else.

Written by: Samantha Cook

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