Today I Let Go

Today I let go of being afraid of what people will say. Today I let go of overanalyzing and critiquing. Lets be honest that does not get anything done. Today I let go of holding back my ability to get things done. I will proceed to have fun that my heart’s desire because my power comes from within. I feel born anew, with confidence again. And it is not just me, but today I realize that our power comes from within.  We are without color. We are without skin. This tit for tat and score keeping serves no goal. Today i will committ to being op[en to both giving and receiving. They say seeing is believing. Well i say looks can be deceiving. you can look for visions of granduer but that may only be a cons parlor tricks. When all along, It was the words that you needed to listen to because those are what are worth repeating. i have felt the strength of fear holding me back from communicating my ideas, gifts, and my abiliity to help. When what i really needed to do is let go and realize that I can and will make a difference.

Contributor- Kyle Gerst

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