Top 5 Things You Do Not Say to American Horror Story Fans

Contributor: Rick McGimpsey


1. I do not see it as possible to invest in a series where the characters change season to season. I defy you to name one horror anthology TV show that was any good!

2. This show is so stupid! None of these characters behave realistically and everyone is despicable. I hate everyone and everything in here!

3. Gimps crawling on walls, ex-Nazi’s experimenting on aliens, and severed heads watching Roots on TV. I thought this show was supposed to be serious!

4. Why is Spock raping people? That’s not very nice!

5. They are gonna run out of horror genres to do after awhile. They are gonna get weaker and more unimaginative toward the end; mark my words. The last season will probably be American Horror Story: Creepy Boy Scout Camp

Disclaimer: The list above is written for the purpose of satire and does not reflect the views of the writer.

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