Are Expecations Too High In Book-Movie Adapatations?

There seems to be a trend in Hollywood at the moment. Besides the usual “Let’s remake everything” mentality, it seems that the higher ups in Hollywood thinks that every young adult or any other book that is remotely popular (World War Z) should be adapted into a feature film. This has become even more apparent with recent releases of Divergent, Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, and The Hunger Games. Ever since Harry Potter and Twilight were given movie adaptations, the big studios are all looking for their Harry Potter or their Twilight as both of those franchises brought in the big bucks.

Some of these new ones have been a huge success like The Hunger Games and Divergent. While others have been a big flop. Insert Mortal Instruments and Vampire Academy here. What really ticks me off about all these book-movie adaptations isn’t the fact that Hollywood keeps cranking them out. As I personally really enjoy reading the young adult stuff. No what really pisses me off are the fans. It seems no matter how much I explain this, it doesn’t seem to get through.

Every book-movie adaptation has either left things out, changed some things around, or even added things from the next book in the series. These things are going to happen no matter what and it’s not the end of the world, even though some fans think it is. Now I understand everybody who is a fan of that particular book or series is going to want as much accuracy as possible, but its simply not possible.

When the script for the movie gets written, the writer has to think and pull the best elements and plot points from the book to go into the movie. It is not the writer, director, or actor’s job to incorporate  every single scene, every plot point, and every line of dialogue into the film. Otherwise the movie would be X number of hours long and honestly who wants to spend X number of hours in a movie theater?

Another thing is that the movie adaptation is never meant to replace the book or series that it is adapting. The film is meant to further your enjoyment and experience of that particular book. The bottom line is that while we will continue to have book-movie adaptations, the key thing to remember is that if you are a huge die-hard fan or purist of that book that is being adapted, is to go into it with an open mind knowing that things will be left out, changed around, or added due to budget restraints, the scene in particular not transferring well from page to screen, or all around timing.

In closing just remember that when you walk into a movie adaptation of your favorite book or series, keep in mind the things that I’ve stated here and try to have a good time and not be so uptight that the film might’ve not had your favorite scene, or something you liked was changed etc. Remember that you will always have the book.

By: Adam Buskirk


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