Thanksgiving Spirit

CONTRIBUTOR: Raven Akashiya

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and everyone is doing last minute touches to ensure everything is perfect for the big day. A lot of people don’t think about much else; after we eat our big dinners either we laze around or get ready for Black Friday. We focus on the people around us, the people that are not with us don’t even get a second thought. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a day of thankfulness, yet for some it becomes a day of sorrow. Some people have no one to spend the holidays with.
Last year I was in a shelter, luckily I had friends that invited me to their Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. Some of the other ladies were not that lucky. I watched them sit and wait, some waited for a phone call that never came while others waited for the day to be over. The house was always depressing but on holidays it became even worse. It’s hard to be forgotten especially on holidays.
Tomorrow if you aren’t with everyone make a call or send a message. You might be the only person that does. You will totally make somebody’s day.




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