Birdman Short And Sweet Review “Spoiler Free”

Because, I have been busy and lazy on top of that haha!! I know it’s short, but I plan to post more at a later date I do promise that. Plus, I just got back from the theater!! We are trying to get things situated once again here, and we do hope to push out more content as everyone has time. =)

Haven’t been that pleased with a project overall in a very long time. I didn’t walk out saying “Well, I didn’t like this or that.” Or “This is what I would have done to make it better” Birdman completely earns every bit of praise it has already received. Michael Keaton is still the genius we all knew he was. A wonderful mix of dramatic sequences, with rolling on the floor laughs. And moments where you go “What the fuck did I just see”. We need more films like that in Hollywood desperately!!! Would I recommend it to everyone? Probably not, because some people would get bored and crave more action. But if you appreciate and love true flawless film making, then this movie is absolutely for you.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger

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