How to keep a million commitments you have made to people?

Have you ever felt like you said yes to a million things? Have you ever felt like you said yes to somany things that you get nothing done. Well, I have and it sucks. It’s like living a life trying to constantly impress people when all you really want to do is impress yourself. In fact, sometimes I feel like one of the biggest causes of stress is trying to impress people that in reality you do not like. What’s worse is when the habit of saying yes becomes a habit to where you end up getting nothing done even the stuff you wanted to get done.Russell Simmons once said that if you do not have 30 minutes to meditate you need 3 hours. I have been thinking about this quote for weeks. Denying its importance. One day, it hit me like a sack of bricks the significance this saying plays in my life. If you don’thave them figure out what you want in life, then the only thing you’re going to get is what other people want in life. And to be honest that is frustrating. It’s frustrating knowing that I love writing because it helps me clarify my thinking and I want to share my opinions with others, no matter how strong they  feel about it, yet I have not written a blog post in over a month all because I said yes to too many things.And you know what that is, my fault. But I hope to learn that art of saying no so that I can in turn say yes to what matters.

Contributor- Kyle Gerst


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