Comedy At Its Finest

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What is that about a good comedian that fulfills us so much? Someone that let’s loose, and is not fearful of repercussions or consequences. And unfiltered Juggernaut, who’s main goal no matter how awful, or disgusting they can be but still is able to grab a reaction. Ripping it out of your soul, while simultaneously stomping on it without realizing that words are a weapon. Just as much as a 12 gauge can blow a hole clean through your body at close range. Have we lost that? With the political corrections of the day, making sure that nothing offensive is said. And when it is we burn our court jesters at the stake for the least bit of provocation.

Is our problem that we’ve lost the ability to laugh anymore? That our door has closed to the idea, that laughing no matter how aggressive a joke may be that we have lost the capacity to find something funny? I don’t know if that’s the answer, but its a damn interesting theory none the less. We push away from laughing, censoring those that work hard to make a dime who go to their shows. Can we ever stop this trend? Can we sit down one day together in a group of people and enjoy ourselves. Enough to the point that we don’t cast judgement on a performer because we don’t agree with them? What’s wrong with us? You want to laugh, and yet you scan the room to see if anyone else is looking. I think we need to learn to enjoy ourselves, even with the darkest of subjects regardless of what our filter is. We can, and we should. It wouldn’t be difficult, because I feel at the end of the day it’s all about how we react to the person on stage. Me personally, I grow tired of watching people get so upset, when they obviously have forgotten they are there to be entertained.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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