I didn’t look this over for editing purposes, so I hope it’s readable. =)

You know what they say, Opinions are like butt holes, and well you know the rest of that. Well, I am here tonight to give a counter argument to that. Because let’s be honest with ourselves, without those opinions where would this world be? We’d probably be in some distopian society, where everything was shut off. And you truly couldn’t express yourself openly like you should be able to. Yes, of course you may not agree with everything everyone says or does. But damn’t if you shouldn’t fight for the person next to you to be able to say those sometimes idiotic things. Why are there so many people in this world that are so against or opposed to expression? If you can do it, everyone else can and that is just something that should stay constant. If you aren’t for open dialogue, well then I say you’re for the opposite which is censorship. And where did that really get anyone in life? But put in prison, fined in some way or even God forbid killed.

Opinions shouldn’t effect you, so what if you don’t see eye to eye with that person. You have just as much ability to argue your point of view as they do. The problem is, people don’t want to argue or debate anymore about what they believe. They rather sit back, and get fed information where ever that might take place and be a gluten. But that’s never really gotten anyone anywhere has it? We’ve flourished the most when people do have open and honest dialogue. And we can get back to that I believe, we just need to learn to get the right info our there. Where ever that is located, and it’s gotta be something we all equally want for ourselves and others. Otherwise we aren’t going to be able to get back to where we were, when opinions were alright with the world. Does anyone know what the culprit is? I don’t think so, some would say that its the internet. And the constant information being put out on a daily basis fry’s peoples brains.

I guess we’ll never really know, but maybe we can make some sort of an effort to try and be more open to things? Maybe, we can push for others to be open with what they believe. Instead of doing the easy thing, which is to silence people on a daily basis. Which doesn’t really get anyone anywhere but back to the dark ages of human intellect. We cannot continue to go down this path, or it will lead us all to filth and ruin. And we’ll all be lesser because of it, and it’ll end up just being another downfall that we could have easily avoided. Letting people speak out is where we draw our strength, putting them down consistently only slaps a mussel on them. Ask yourself, before you start to tell someone to shut up, would you want that to be done to you? Just a thought….

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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