Discomfort At Five Weeks

CONTRIBUTOR: Raven Akashiya

Women have always had a hard role in the household. Whether it was 1950 or 2014 a woman’s job never seems to be done. One of the tasks a woman has to deal with that men have not previously been able to do is childbearing. We all know that labor is one of the worst pains a woman has to endure, but pregnancy isn’t exactly a walk in the park.
At what has been estimated five weeks I can feel my body changing rapidly.
Nausea is very hard to deal with especially when it is a constant. Often I find myself reaching for peanut butter or candy canes.  A way to help keep the nausea to a minimum is snacking instead of meals, I always have something with me whether it’s hard candies or crackers. I have a jar of peanut butter by my bed and water for the morning.
I have a lot of issues with acne too. Unfortunately I still have not figured out what exactly to do about that because my skin is very sensitive towards most products.
Breast tenderness and swelling is one of the worst. I find myself searching for the bigger bras in my drawers, and there’s no way I am leaving the house without wearing two (I have always been busty.) There’s really not much you can do about this other than take a Tylenol and a warm shower. I’m sure there’s some odd ice pack type thing, but honestly it’s not that bad.
Pregnancy is very stressful. Mood swings are bound to happen. I find myself apologizing quite often.
One thing that I am already dealing with that most women don’t deal with for a few months is size. (I have always showed extremely fast with all my pregnancies, so this probably won’t apply to most.) Sometimes the best thing to do is either grab your baggy clothes or get new ones. Start looking at maternity clothes or wearing your awesome sweats, it’s your choice. Either way do not squeeze your baby bump, it’s not comfy or healthy.
Pregnancy is not exactly comfortable or easy, yet in the end it is worth it. Remember that there are many places that can help you and your baby if needed.



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