The Door Seer Chronicles Chapter 1

The Following is an excerpt from “The Door Seer Chronicles: Johnny in Dreamland”
By Matthew Slade

Johnny and the Silver Door
Eight O’clock had rolled around, and Johnny was already looking for
ways to convince his mother to let him stay up till ten. His attempts never worked
but you had to admire the boy’s solid determination. Johnny knew that nine
o’clock bed time meant that at eight he was expected to…

“Go brush your teeth and put your toys away!” His mother called from
the master bedroom. Johnny gave a sigh and then stood up. He considered just
doing what his mother told him to do or attempting to convince her to extend his
bedtime. He had just about made up his mind to go plead with her when she
called back to him. “And don’t try to beg me again. It does get old.”

“Oh come on, mom.” Johnny whined. His mother was clearly expecting
his plea. One could only guess why. It was a nightly ritual around Johnny’s
house. So Johnny, having already been defeated again by his mother, picked up
his toys and took them to his room. Order didn’t much matter to Johnny when it
came to his room, so he simply tossed his toys into his toy box as fast and as
random as possible. So long as the box could close, what did it matter? Next stop
was the bathroom.

Play time was everything to Johnny, so with that in mind you could
imagine that he would attempt at least to end his nighttime chores as fast as
possible to take advantage of what was left of the eighth hour. This was always
folly, however, because just as he would finish up brushing his teeth, his mother
would always come to him and tell him…

“That toy box of yours needs to be organized. It was organized when you
got up this morning, and it will be organized when you go to bed.” She would say
this almost robotically while pointing her finger at his nose.

“But mom, they’re just toys.” Johnny began. “It’s not like anyone can
see in my toy box.”

“That is not the point.” His mother replied. “You need to learn order and
responsibility early in life, young man.”

“I know, I know.” Johnny said as he turned to go into his room. His
mother watched him carefully as he took his toys back out of his box and
replaced them in a more careful manner. Once he was done, it was time to
change into his pajamas. Once dressed for bed his mother would read him an old
bedtime story, but of course it never put Johnny to sleep right away. He always
wanted to hear more.

“That’s all for this evening, Johnny.” His mother would tell him. “You’ll
want to save some for later.”

“Mom?” Johnny called to her.

“Yes, dear?”
“Why do we have to sleep?” Johnny asked.

“I beg your pardon?”

“Sleep. Why do we need it? It just seems like such a waste of time.”
Johnny had the sincerest of tone to his voice. His mother thought for a second.
Just what was the best way to explain this to a child only twelve years old? Sleep;
what was its purpose?

“Well…” She began to explain. “You know how your batteries in your
remote control race car go dead and you have to put them in that little box so that
they charge overnight?” Johnny nodded his head, eyes wide. “Well that’s why we
sleep. Our bed is like our charger box. We have to recharge our batteries.”

“So if we didn’t sleep we would die?” Johnny said, almost scared.

“Well eventually, yes I guess we would, but not at first. At first you
would just fall asleep a lot during the day, and you wouldn’t be able to think
straight at school.” His mother had hoped this would satisfy him, and for now it
seemed that it had. Johnny shrugged his shoulders and told his mother goodnight.
She kissed him on the forehead, at which point Johnny attempted to swat his
mother away, and then she left the room and Johnny rolled over into his sleep.

“What should we do captain!” Johnny’s first mate yelled to him. He was
on the high seas in the Caribbean and the East Indian Trading ships were bearing
down upon them. Johnny was in charge and the crew was looking to him for

“Load the guns and ready the anchor!” Johnny cried out. The men did so
without hesitation.

“The guns are loaded captain!” His first mate called out.

“Slow the pace. On my mark drop that anchor and prepare to fire.” The
men once again followed Johnny’s orders. As the ship slowed pace, two trade
ships quickly caught up to them. Suddenly a third ship had them in the rear and
the two ships were parallel to Johnny’s Schooner.

“Fire!” Johnny called out. Suddenly he found him self on the Trade ships
in a Royal Navy uniform. He was the captain of the trade armada. His ship was
being ripped apart by cannon fire. Boards splintered and men screamed in pain.
The spray of the sea hit every surface. Johnny knew his ship was sinking, and
sinking fast. He made his way to the helm and forced the ship to ram into the side
of the pirate vessel.

Without walking or even jumping the rails, Johnny found himself on the
pirate ship. Armed with a cutlass and two flintlock pistols he began his one man
attack. BAM, BAM. Johnny took down two pirates. His pistols now useless, he
tossed them aside and produced his sword.

“On Guard you worthless scum of the sea!” Johnny cried out. He was
suddenly rushed by countless pirates, but they were no match for his excellent
swordsmanship. Johnny turned endlessly on the spot to fight off men from all
angles. At one point he stopped. The glimmer of some unknown object caught
his eye. Pirates were suddenly not fighting him. The battle was still raging behind
him, but all he could see was a beautiful Silver Door standing erect in the middle
of the deck.

“What is this?” Johnny asked. As he approached it, the whistle of a
cannon ball pierced his ears. Johnny turned his head in time to see the cannon
ball inches from his face.


Johnny was lying in bed now. He had a faint trace of sweat on his body
and was sitting up from his abrupt waking. As he regained his bearings and took
a grip on reality, he fell back down onto his pillow.

“What an odd dream.” He said to himself. He then looked at the clock. It
was two in the morning. He still had three hours to go before he had to wake up
and go to school. So Johnny sat back and relaxed again. He closed his eyes and
opened them.

“What do you think is really in that big old house?” Fred was asking.

“I’m not sure.” Johnny said. He was standing on a small private dock. He
and his friends Carol and Fred all carried lanterns. A small, poorly lit house
stood, just at the top of a nearby path.

“I hear there are all kinds of ghost in there.” Carol said.

“Don’t be silly, Carol.” Johnny told her. “There’s no such thing as
ghosts. But there might be treasure in there.”

“Treasure?” Fred inquired.

“Sure, why not? Old house; probably has some hidden room behind the
book shelf.”

“Yeah and that’s where we would find the vampires.” Carol told him.
Johnny just rolled his eyes. They started up the path. Without walking the whole
distance they were at the front door. Suddenly the house was a two story
building, but Johnny barley noticed. They knocked on the door five times and

“No one’s gonna answer.” Johnny said. “Let’s just go in.”

“But then why is there a light on the in house?” Fred asked, pointing to
the living room window. Without answering, however, Johnny and the group
were inside the house. Suddenly the interior made the house look as though it
was a mansion with a grand spiraling staircase at the end of the room next to
what was unmistakably a door to the kitchen.

“C’mon,” Johnny started. “We need to find a library so we can find the
secret basement.” Johnny went ahead of his friends and without warning he was
without them, but he had found the book shelf he was looking for. “Now which
book?” Johnny thought for a moment. He noticed all of the books were either a
red, yellow or blue tone, except for one on the end of the third shelf that had no
title and was a clear green.

“That’s it.” Johnny thought to himself. He gently pulled the green book
halfway off the shelf and heard a clicking noise. The bookshelf then disappeared
altogether. Johnny looked back and saw his friends had once again joined him.

“Do you think we should go down there?” Asked Carol.

“Probably not, but that’s what makes it fun.” Fred replied.

“Well spoken, Fred.” Johnny added. The group then walked down what
seemed like an endless staircase that spiraled all the way down to a naturally lit
basement floor. There were square pools in the floor that contained molten rock
that not only lit but heated the basement quite well.

“Now that is neat.” Johnny told his friends. Out of nowhere lab
equipment stood around the molten rock pools and off to the end of the room was
none other than a brilliant silver door. Johnny suddenly could not look at
anything else. That door had completely stolen his attention.

“It’s so beautiful.” Johnny said. His voice was slow and drawling. He
began to walk past everything in the room.

“Johnny?” Fred called to him. “Johnny? Where are you going?’” Johnny
turned back around to see his friends horror struck.

“I’m going to the door.” He told them.

“What door?” Fred replied.

‘Johnny behind you!” Carol called out, pointing. Johnny then turned on
the spot. The door was gone, but there was a large vampire standing in his path.
Its fangs were mere inches from Johnny’s neck.


The next morning was slow for Johnny. Before it was over with, Johnny
had three more dreams involving a silver door and his ultimate early wake. He
could think of nothing but those silver doors. He could not understand why
though. Never before had he dwelled on anything in a dream such as he was
doing then.

While brushing his teeth he could not help but look at the medicine
cabinet mirror and see his reflection. The hinged mirror reminded him of the
shiny reflective door he was so ensnared by. At the breakfast table he didn’t even
speak to his older Sister, Kate or his brother, Bill. They were older and in High
School anyway. It was not common place for them to desire to talk with him, but
when he didn’t attempt conversation, Kate and Bill suddenly wanted to know

“What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?” Kate asked him. Johnny
barely heard her. He made no response, verbal or otherwise.

“Hey, brat!” Bill yelled. Johnny shook his head and woke out of his day
dream. “What’s got you so quiet?”

“Just thinking.” He told them while stirring his cereal.

“About what?” Kate asked.

“Nothing. Just some dream I had.” Johnny’s voice trailed off. He then
finished off the last of his cereal and put his bowl in the sink. He knew he
couldn’t talk about this openly with his brother and sister. He could not wait,
however, to be on the bus. There he would see the real life Carol and he would be
able to tell her about it.

“So it was there again, but before I could open it a grenade came down
into the trench and I woke up as it blew us all up.” Johnny finished his story to
Carol as they road to school. She was sincerely interested in what he had to say.

“What do you think it means?” She asked him.

“Who knows? I wish I knew someone that knew more about dreams than
I do.” Johnny slumped down in his seat. He looked over to Carol and noticed her
still looking at him. She carried a big smile upon her face. “What’s gotten into
you?” He asked her.

“Well I was just thinking.” She started. “Silver doors aside and all I
couldn’t help but notice that you admitted to having three dreams about me last

“I didn’t have three dreams about you.” Johnny replied. “I had three
dreams with you in them. They were clearly about that stupid silver door.”
Johnny could tell this did not discourage Carol. He simply crossed his arms and
planted his back to the seat and stared straight ahead. “Well don’t make a thing of
it now.”

School was difficult for Johnny. Science class introduced the periodic
table and with it, the discussion of metals such as gold, platinum, and silver. The
mere mention of the word now sent Johnny’s head into space. Math class was
nothing but meaningless numbers to Johnny. Unless they could open a silver
door he had no use for mathematical equations.

“This is nuts.” Johnny said to himself. “It was just a dream. Why can’t I
stop thinking about it?” Johnny tried to busy himself so that he could stop
thinking about silver doors and start bringing his grade up for the day. By lunch,
Johnny had accomplished nothing but a possible call to his mother about his
apparent day dreaming habit that has suddenly developed.

“Still can’t stop thinking about that door, huh?” Carol asked him as he
sat down for lunch. Johnny just shook his head, and took a napkin from the
“It’s like I don’t have control over my brain anymore.” Johnny told her.
“I’m twelve years old. I shouldn’t be obsessing over anything yet.”

“Except maybe Saturday morning cartoons.” Carol replied.

“No doubt.” Johnny told her. He then began to space out again as he
looked over to the napkin dispenser. It was one of those generic reflective
aluminum napkin holders. To Johnny it was just another reminder of his dreams.

Art class came and Johnny had hoped to have forgotten his doors by
now, but he hadn’t. Lucky for him the assignment was an easy one. Not even his
obsession could mess it up.

“Ok class.” Mrs. Boyd began. “Today I want you all to make me
something from your own creativity using the skills I have taught you. It can be
crayons, color pencils, charcoal, collage, or what ever.” Johnny just knew what
he was going to do, without even thinking. He just knew that when time was up
there would be a nice shiny door on his paper. What would the class think of

“You drew a door? You could do anything and you drew a door.”
Johnny’s imagined classmate rang in his ear. The end of the class came and Mrs.
Boyd called for time. As she went around the room collecting papers, Johnny
was still furiously coloring his drawing.

“Oh my goodness, Johnny.” Johnny jumped back as he heard Mrs. Boyd

“I can explain.” Johnny began, but Mrs. Boyd had already picked up the

“Did you do this?” She asked him.

“Yes ma’am, but I can…”

“It’s wonderful.” She interrupted. She then lay the paper down on the
desk. “Be sure to sign your name to it.” Johnny could not believe his eyes when
he saw the paper. It was not just one silver door, but a room, no, a tower of silver
doors. Balconies and staircases lined the walls and walkways to each and every
silver door. “What is this?” Mrs. Boyd asked him.

“I don’t know.” Johnny replied.
So the day was not a total bust. Mrs. Boyd was so impressed by Johnny’s
picture that she asked him if she could place it in the children’s art show. Of
course Johnny told her she could. What was he going to do with a picture of a
tower of doors? Clearly he had a need for it though, for he spent his play time
that afternoon drawing silver door after silver door.

“That’s like the hundredth time you’ve drawn that picture, dude.” Bill
was standing over Johnny, watching him draw. “You gonna waste all the paper
practicing drawing a door?” Johnny looked up from these words and looked
around him. Bill had not been exaggerating. There really were a hundred pieces
of paper on the floor, all of them with an image of the silver door.

“Did I draw all this?” Johnny asked quietly.

“Yeah, and now I have to find more paper to print my report.” Bill shook
his head as he scorned Johnny for his wasteful drawing. “What is that anyway?”

“It’s from that dream I had.” Johnny replied.

“What?” Bill cried. “You’re still on about that?”

“I just can’t get it out of my head for some reason.”

“I can’t believe you wasted paper over something as stupid as a dream!”
Bill stormed out of the room. Johnny started cleaning up the papers when Bill
returned to the room. “You should go talk to grandma. She’s all into dreams.”
Bill turned and left again. Johnny could hear him mumbling down the hallway.
“Waste of time.”

Later that afternoon, Johnny did go down to his grandmother’s. Her
house, after all, was only but two blocks down in the same neighborhood.
“So, what’s this about your dreams?” His grandmother asked. She was
listening but also peeling potatoes for dinner. Which Johnny had been roped into
doing the second he knocked on the door.

“Well, I keep seeing these silver doors, and now I can’t get them out of
my head. They’re all I can think about now.” Johnny continued to peel while
waiting for his grandmother’s advice.

“Do the doors go anywhere?” She asked him.

“I don’t know. I’ve never been able to open them. I always wake up right
before I get to them.” Johnny told his grandma. She looked rather concerned.

“Well I don’t know about silver doors specifically, but usually a door or
any goal that you cannot reach in your dreams is some sort of representation of
some factor in your life.” She took a breath and went on. “You shouldn’t be
obsessing over the doors themselves, but rather you need to try and identify what
the doors mean for you in your real life. Once you do that the doors will become
indicators to your success. If you ever do get to open them, then you will have
reached your goal, and I’m sure that it will change your life.”

“Wow.” Johnny said. “That makes a lot of sense I guess.”

“Of course it does.” She told him. “Now pay attention to what you’re
doing, or we won’t have any potatoes for supper.” Johnny looked down and sure
enough he had been so captured by his grandmother’s words that he had peeled
off more potato than peeling. “It’s alright.”


That night Johnny took all the pictures of the silver door he had made
and taped and tacked them to his wall so that in the end he was surrounded by
them. He made an effort to get done with his teeth and his toy box in a very short
amount of time. Before his mother could blink, Johnny was in the bed.

“You know, it’s only nine. You can stay up till ten on Friday nights.” His
mother informed him.

“I know.” Johnny replied. “I’m just ready for bed, that’s all.”

“Since when did you gain an interest in sleeping?”

“I had a long day. I’m tired. Got to recharge my batteries, right?”

“Well, if that’s what you want, then by all means. Goodnight, sweetie.”
His mother kissed him on the forehead and then left his room, turning his light
out on her way. Johnny placed his head upon his pillow and soon…


“We’re taking enemy fire!” A soldier yelled. Johnny was the
commanding officer for a platoon. They were in a dark, rainy forest and the
enemy was coming down on them with every thing in their massive arsenal.
Bullets and bombs filled the forest. “What should we do?”

Johnny was not paying attention to his soldier. He was looking. He was
looking for the door. Not seeing it behind his cover of sand bags and fox holes,
he rose up out of the ditches and stood up to look at the battle field. The moment
he stood up he took fire. Bullets pounded away at his body. There was no blood,
but Johnny did fall backwards into the fox hole he just climbed out of.
Suddenly he was looking up at lights. He was in a hospital. Without
warning he was in the operating room. Johnny could see himself lying on the
table and doctors working on him. He quickly became disinterested in what he
saw and looked around. There it was. The silver door was the way out of the
Operating room. Johnny made for the door. This time he made it without
interruption. He grasped the knob and with a great pull, he nearly pulled his own
arm out his socket.

“Locked?” Johnny could not believe it. He had made it to the door, but it
was locked. Before he could react the door was gone and he was standing in the
throne room of a king.

“Brave Knight, hear my plea.” Johnny turned to see a great king on his
knees; his queen in her throne, in tears. “My daughter means more to me than
anything else. Bring her back safe.” Johnny nodded, but did not speak. He could
see the door just beyond a pillar towards the back of the room. He crept towards
the door, but as soon as he put his hand on the knob he found himself lying in his
bed again.

“Drat!” Johnny cried. “Why can’t I ever open it?” Johnny took a deep
breath, and then looked to his clock again. It was only midnight. Johnny had
plenty of time to sleep. It was Saturday morning, and he could sleep in till nine if
he wanted to.

“So am I your girlfriend?” Carol asked Johnny. Johnny was surprised.
He was back on the school bus. He looked over to Carol. She somehow looked
older, as if she were twelve but at the same time a grown woman.

“This has to be a dream.” Johnny told himself. He looked to the back of
the bus and there it was. The silver door was just ten seats away from him. He
stood up and made for the door.

“Hey you punk!” the bus driver called out. Johnny looked back. He could
still see the bus driver sitting down. “Sit back down!” He heard called to him as
if the bus driver was standing right in front of him. He had never noticed before
the odd behavior of dreams. Now his mind was slightly more open to what was
actually happening. So he shook it off and turned back to the back of the bus. The
door was gone.

“No! Not again!” Johnny yelled. He ran to the back of the bus and the
bus door opened for him. As he fell towards the asphalt he closed his eyes,
waiting for the crash, but instead there came a splash. Johnny opened his eyes
and sat up. He was in the middle of a pond. There was a battle to be won. He
stood up and looking around himself he noticed that he was the knight again.
They were in the middle of a small marshland. Enemy troops were storming

“There are a lot of them, Sir, but we have them outnumbered by the
looks of it.” Another knight cried.

“Excellent. Bring me their heads.” Johnny ordered. He then drew his
sword and joined in the fight. Johnny figured that he could take a break from the
doors. After all a fight was more fun than tugging on a locked door knob any day
of the week.

The fight seemed longer than it was. The clashing of swords was heard
from all around, and men yelling in pain, others in victory. From time to time
Johnny’s opponent would change without any notice. Johnny didn’t care. He
didn’t even notice anymore.

“They’ve gone sir!” A knight cried out. Johnny looked around and sure
enough the enemy knights were all either dead or retreated.
“We must press onward! We must find the princess!” He declared.
Johnny then led his men onward through the wet lands. They were just about to
move into a small patch of trees when the surroundings change and Johnny walks
right into a brick wall and falls down on his butt.

“You alright there, sir?” A woman inquired. Johnny shook it off and
looked to his addresser. It was an old beggar woman. “You must have been
looking for that door. You just missed it by inches.”

“What door?” Johnny asked, then without waiting for an answer he
turned his head again to the spot he had hit. He had slammed into a wall just next
a door, but it was not his silver door. This one was a normal, natural red door.
Johnny slowly stood up and decided to see what was inside it. He opened the
door and stepped back out onto the battle field. There was another fight between
the knights.

“Sir, what should we do? They have a dragon!” a knight exclaimed.
Johnny looked around to get his bearings and sure enough there was a green fire
breathing dragon, and just beyond it was the princess, tied to a wooden frame.

“Get closer to one another!” Johnny told the men. “Close the gaps
between us! Form a wedge! Signal the archers to flank from the east! Someone
put that dragon down!” Johnny’s men did what he told them to do. The men
formed a wedge and they began to drive up the field. Suddenly arrows from the
east began to rain down upon the enemy knights, and that’s when Johnny saw it.
The glimmer of a silver door frame could be seen just past the princess. Johnny
was sick of it by now though.

“Who cares?” He told himself. He had had enough of silver doors that
wouldn’t open for him. He took one last look at the door and noticed that it was
cracked open, however. Suddenly Johnny had a renewed mission to enter that
door. “Cover me!” He told his men.

Johnny broke from the formation and drove his way up the hill. He took
down knight after knight with minimal effort by use of his sword and shield. He
was nearing the dragon. It was the only thing standing in his way. The dragon
took notice to Johnny and let loose a massive cloud of flames. Johnny dropped to
one knee and held his shield up high. The heat was too intense for Johnny. He
closed his eyes and suddenly….

Standing in the bathroom, Johnny could not believe that he had woken
up in the middle of the night again. It was right there. The door was open. He just
had to get to it.

“Wait a second.” Johnny began. “I’m in charge of my dreams. They’re
my imagination.” Johnny returned to his bed and looked at the clock. It told him
that it was 3:45 in the morning. He lay back on his bed and concentrated.

“Battle ground, princess, dragon. All enemies are beaten. Battle ground,
princess, dragon, all enemies are beaten.” Johnny began to repeat to himself as he
tried to return to sleep, and without warning once again, as if he ever got any,
Johnny was once again asleep. It had worked. He was back on the battle field.
The enemy knights were all dead. The dragon was gone, and so were his other
knights. The princess still hung on the wooden frame crying for help.

“Oh, brave knight, won’t you come save me?” She cried out. Johnny
then took notice that the cracked open silver door was still there. This was his
chance. Ignoring the princess, Johnny deliberately walked up the hill and past the
wailing girl to the silver door. He pushed the door open and saw a long hallway
beyond it. There were torches lining the hallway, which looked silver with gems
encrusted into the walls. Johnny took a deep breath and stepped forward.

Contributor- Matthew Slade


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