People tend to reflect on their life often. But I ask, have you ever really sat back with a clear mind and thought to yourself, How did I get here? At what point in life did my choices lead me to where I am today. Perhaps it was one choice early on or maybe many choices spread out over the course of years. Now I know that they tell you to not look into the past, Not to dwell. But maybe it’s not about just looking into the past maybe it’s more about HOW you look into it. What if you need to examine your path to make sure you don’t sway going forward. I’m not trying to get all philosophical or make what I’m saying to heavy, I’m just trying to understand what makes us do the things we do. Or why do we have certain traits or certain feelings or emotions and others view things differently. Is it in our genes our DNA. Or is it learned behavior, Probably a bit of both. I see some people who just have this driving force when it comes to getting things done. On their path all they see is straight. No turns no bends just tunnel vision. As I’m writing I have a hard time not thinking about the past. It’s always there. Never goes away. Maybe it’s easy for some people to always be moving in the right direction because they can block out the past. Or maybe it just doesn’t bother them the way it does me or someone else. Or crazy thought, but maybe some people have a good past that they like to remember. I mean we are all different animals so it’s safe to assume that in that aspect we all view things in our own way. So who’s right and who’s wrong? I probably need to just get out of my own head for once. And stop over thinking everything. I don’t know, I thought maybe I was on to something.

-russ sullivan



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