What do Kim Kardashian, John Cena and Sarah Palin have in common?

What do Kim Kardashian, John Cena and Sarah Palin have in common? They represent a obession with pop culture that show us that we crave distraction as Americans. Instead of focusing on the big threats like death and disease, we focus on having fun now. We do this even when we know what we want to spend time on but are to afraid because of what others may think.  We focus on the current state of news which says everyday suburia is under attack from robbers killers and thieves.  The news says we are going to lose it all because the next 9/11 is going to happen. The next heir to osma bin laden will attack us and rape our childeren and pillage our homes till there is nothing left. Worse yet, while when we are not being glued to our televisions and computer screens for the latest headline based on fear we spend time drowning our sorrows using drugs to avoid our feelings. This endless cycle of distraction gives us the worst possible ending to our story when we leave earth. You know what that is? A big slice of pie called regret. Which is why some people call the grave yard the wealthiest place on earth because it is home to lost dreams and some of the best ideas we will never get to see.

Contributor- Kyle Gerst

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