The Matrix… loose ends and what nots

Though much is left up to interpretation I’m sure I am convinced of several things about these films. Some of these things you may agree with and others may make you believe I’m as insane as Agent Smith himself. But here are a few things I believe about the Matrix:

We saw all Five of Neo’s Predecessors:

It is clearly stated that the One must return to the source. At that point he either enters the matrix to disseminate his code thus continuing the systemic anomaly and also choose the survivors of Zion or he says “screw it” and lets the battle play out. It is the general hope that he disseminates his code. But what happens to him after that? Though it’s not clearly stated I believe that the one has the choice to either remain in the matrix or remain in Zion. While all the programs seemed to have abilities beyond that of the humans, Neo possessed gifts almost. The Oracle even told Neo “You have the sight now.” Neo could see the future at least to the choices he understood. He also had telekensis, which seemed to surprise even veteran program, The Merovingian. “Ok, you have some skill.

This leads me in the direction that the One is supposed to have gifts that would help him/her traverse the Matrix and make their way to the Source. Therefore I believe the First One; the one Morpheus tells Neo of, is the Oracle. She was able to see the future which gave her an advantage over all the programs in the Matrix. Which is why she now lives forever as part of the system helping future anomalies make it to their destinies. Many may think this is nonsense as the Architect refers to an intuitive program that would be considered the “Mother of the Matrix.” However when Neo said “The Oracle.
The Architect was quick to shut this down with a quick condescending “Please…” Some may further point out that Smith clearly referred to her as “Mom”. However this could allude to the fact that Smith would not be what he is at that point had it not been for the existence of the systemic Anomalies to begin with. Her being the first, she could still be thought of as His mom.

The Second One is Seraph. Clearly he/she (I believe the woman in the first film to answer the door is Seraph. If the Oracle is an anomaly then it is established it is not beyond the ability of a one to change their outward appearance. After all, it is their self image.) Seraph clearly fought Smith before. “I remember chasing you was like chasing a ghost.” Seraph seems to have the odd ability to know one’s true identity by simply fighting them. That same ability seems to allow him to adapt to the fighting style of his opponent so as to create a fair fight. Evidence of this is seen when in the film he is holding his own against Neo, but in the game Enter the Matrix, he fights Ballard, and yet Ballard is able to hold his own against him for a minute, and we know Ballard would not be able to fight Neo. And yes, Enter the Matrix is cannon as it ties directly to the 2nd and third films, filling in the gaps in some of the dialog.
Seraph clearly understood the importance of the system and agreed to live with the Oracle to help her in her quest.

The Third was the Merovingian. “I am a trafficker of information. It is my business to know.” This man was so sore about the Matrix it wasn’t funny. “This is only a game.” He certainly harbored ill will towards the Oracle whom I’m sure he felt betrayed by as the One legend turned out to be a lie and thus part of the system. The Merovingian now lives a life of luxury, knowing full well that his actions don’t matter since everything will reset after 100 years and he gets to just keep reliving 1900’s and early 2000’s.

The Fourth One was the Train Man: The biggest piece of evidence for me is that he was able to build a realm within the Matrix which he alone would reign supreme. “Down here I’m god.” In league with the Merovingian, he clearly didn’t like being used by the system and “lied to” by the oracle and spends his time helping to cause chaos in the Matrix.
Now think about this for a second. These were all very rouge programs. Each one of them, and none of them actually were hiding, and yet the Agents never once paid them visits during the duration of the films. Not that we saw at least. They didn’t seem one bit concerned about them with one exception that I shall get to. In fact the Merovingian seemed to be able to offer protection to some programs that would otherwise have been deleted. It’s almost as if these programs earned a pass, and I could only think that their pass was earned because they too were Ones. Once they decided to spend the rest of their lives in the Matrix, their human side (in the tube) died and left behind only the program side of their existence. This would make sense, since the only time one of the Merovingian’s men seemed concerned about agents is when they were away from his protection on the freeway. Even the ghost twin stopped worrying about Morpheus to help shoot at the agent on top of their car.

Now for the final, fifth one: Councillor Hamann: WHAT? Why would I suggest such a thing? Well he certainly seemed curious about Neo, and believed in him more than most (save Morpheus). Like the Merovingian he seemed surprised though about Neo’s abilities. I believe that after he choose the survivors to rebuild Zion he choose to stay in Zion.

Neo was different from them in that their abilities while great were likely still bound to their human limitations until they did their part to reboot. But Neo’s human body died early, thus leaving behind only his software part.

But wait…. his human part came back to life too….. Which brings me to my next point…

They never got out of the computer:

Think about it. Why would you setup a system so that one could easily use phones in the matrix to jack in and out? It’s part of the system for sure. Now let’s look at this from the start. In the first Matrix Smith tells a captive Morpheus that the first Matrix was meant to be a perfect world. But after people rejected the programming entire crops were lost. Well why were they lost? I mean why couldn’t they just wipe their memories and re-insert them? Did they die? I think they did. Because I don’t think the grown humans can actually survive outside their power station pods. I think that if you really wake up, you die.

The architect went on to say the solution was found to be as simple as giving them a choice. Even letting them live in a crappy real world wasn’t enough. Some still questioned it. But then said they were given a choice “Even if they were only aware of this choice on a sub-conscience level.” Now let’s think.. if your crops reject perfect programming and some still reject realistic programming, and you believe that humans define their existence through suffering then the solution would be to create an even crappier world for someone to be transferred to.

This is supported by the fact that after visiting the source Neo became so connected that he could access his power (if in a limited fashion) when not plugged in and even jack into the matrix without one of those gasoline pumps plugged into his skull. After being robbed of his Zion sight he was still able to see code (Or rather the electricity of the machines??? not sure what that is). Which reminds me.. if they were really in the real world how would it be possible for a program to take the place of human mind? It wouldn’t. What Smith was doing was killing the body and invading the software portion of the “player”. That’s why he could transfer to the Zion part of the program. Another issue I take with the films which would be explained by this being true is that I find it hard to believe anyone in the real world could learn the code so well that you could look at those computer screens and actually know what’s going on.

If I’ve convinced you that they never got out of the Matrix, then I’ll lead into my final point which may just make you think I’m either a genius or just plain stupid.

Morpheus is a program:

Now why would I think that? What did the Oracle tell Neo? “We’re all here to do, what we’re all here to do.” What was Morpheus there to do? Find the One. He believed in Neo more than the Oracle herself. The system needs to find the One and so when the time comes the Morpheus program is rebooted to think itself human and find the one. Morpheus could hold his own with Agents which is not an easy feat, and he wasn’t exactly loosing against those twins. The only “human” faster than he was clearly Neo. Also this may seem like nothing but if you’ll notice he wore that green tie. Green was the color of the code and if you remember the agent’s suits had a green tinge to them. Green artwork littered the walls of office buildings. Smith even had a greenish suit until he became rouge and it was made solid black.

Well there you have it. Agree or not that is my theory that I have held for a long time. I feel like at this point there is great room for a 2nd Trilogy now that the cycle has been broken. But alas that wish will likely remain ungranted.

Until Next time!

– Contributed by Matthew Slade


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