Reviewing The Review

Recently, I spent time watching some low budget indie horror films. I have always had a fondness for these films. The problem was that there was never a forum to discuss or even see what other people have said about these usually direct to DVD releases. I decided to take a gamble on imdb. What I found amazed me.
I remember, in the pre internet age, the only people we counted on for film reviews were Siskel and Ebert, Gene Shallot and if desperate, Rex Reed. However, in the digital age, everyone can state their opinions on everything, films included.

I was both amused and baffled, as I read the reviews for many of these films I had just watched. There were a few stinkers that I watched that some reviewers acclaimed as groundbreaking and artistic. Others that I enjoyed were panned as a waste of time. Occasionally I found a few that agreed with my assessment.
We all have the right to vent, emote or just discuss a film we have just seen. I just would recommend to anyone who takes a complete stranger’s opinion as the deciding factor on whether to see or not see a movie, is to think again. Give it a look. Like it or don’t, but do it on your own terms. If nothing else share with the world your opinion of it, who knows maybe someone will agree with your assessment.

Contributor- Brian Holder


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