What Our Dreams Can Do For Us….

They’re times when I dream, that I find myself waking up and having the overwhelming desire to write. When I get to experience things in a first hand viewpoint, and can decipher what I was thinking and or doing at that time period in my life. I understand myself, and the way I did things better when I am able to see it through another camera so to speak. This is how I usually view all of my dreams typically. Like an apparition of a once alive person who has gone on to another place. And yet, still remains a piece of himself where something used to be. And it is almost like something is missing, like I needed to be there to see something that I could not have witnessed otherwise. Feeling something that you didn’t suspect would be there, unless you could view it in another perspective, at another angle of sorts. Still yet unexplained as to why one reacts to the things that they do, or why it over time becomes something that you end up regretting or having a pain that you can’t push off. This doesn’t generally comes unless I have dreams about these events, I don’t really think about these things unless I relive them through those visions.

I guess now, there’s not really much that can be done? You hold onto these things whether you want to or not. Almost like your own personal Hell On Earth, because truthfully isn’t that what Nightmares are? Or maybe you can take something good out of this? Maybe you can be assured that this was just a warning? Of what you don’t personally want to become later in your life? I suppose it’s a reminder of things that could happen but haven’t yet? Maybe in time you’ll figure it all out, that thing that you missed entirely inside yourself that you thought you had all figured out. I do wonder about dreams, if they are just a jumbled up version of things that you relive in your past, or something to avoid doing in your future? I suppose that in itself is up for debates and theory’s running wild on the internet.

I had a dream last night that made me pursue writing this piece out tonight. But it was all so clearly pressed out like a fine piece of linen ironed with steam for me. I learned that without dreams, we cannot really find out the things that we were doing wrong all along. Without visions of the past or potential future, we would walk through this life probably without an ounce of regret to carry as a burden. Dreams of what we we’re or can be, often teach us what we desire to be apart from that negative emotion we have inside us. Or have yet to discover something that we didn’t know about ourselves prior to now. I guess what I am trying to say is this, if it wasn’t for these visions we have. Would be less than what we are? Would it be harder to see ourselves through our potential third eye? Which is what some individuals like to call the soul, or the dreams/nightmares that we do have when we sleep. Is that a time for rest? Or is it a time for reflection? Just a thought for you all to ponder….

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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