Christmas Spirit

CONTRIBUTOR: Raven Akashiya

Since we were little we have heard about goodwill towards fellow man around this time of year. But most families tend to argue at get togethers, even on Christmas. We tend to forget that we are not promised tomorrow and take things for granted.
Trust me I know the holidays are a pain and when you get people in cramped places when stress is high, words get thrown around and arguments happen.
Remember that Christmas is a time of year to give and a time to be  thankful. Put aside your differences for one day and when  people start drama just brush it off with a smile and a “Merry Christmas”. It is bound to irritate someone, but at the same time the family is not bothered by bickering.

Remember that your annoying brother may not be there tomorrow (no one is guaranteed a tomorrow) and even if an argument  breaks out he still loves you regardless.

Have a Merry Christmas, may your hearts be filled with joy, laughter, and love.



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