Innocence, Death and Zombies Films

Today, my mother and I took my sons (12 and 5) to the cemetery, to visit the graves of my father and brother. From there, things only a child could say caused hilarity.
First my five year old asked, “Are we going to see Paw Paw (local vernacular for grandfather) and dead Uncle Matthew?” We replied yes. Once at the grave site, he asked if we were going to dig them up. Which of course we responded no! He then asked why they died. We told him that everyone dies. He responds by asking when he was going to die. We told him we don’t know and we hope we never will.
He asked us where they were, my mom replied that they were in Heaven, with Jesus. He asked, rather annoyed, “Why didn’t Jesus just heal them?!” We were at a loss to explain that one. So we showed them my grandfather’s plot. My grandfather (91) paid not only for his plot, but his headstone, years ago. My little one asked, “Is Pop (my grandfather’s title, for us) buried there?” We responded, no, you see him every weekend. He responded with a disappointed, “Oh.”
The child like view of death that he has is amazing. What is truly offensive, from an adult is actual comedy, when a child sees something that can not be explained, easily, to anyone.So place some flowers on a grave of a loved one, just don’t dig them up!

Contributor- Brian Holder


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