Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes
Count to ten
Take their lies
Let’s pretend

Bite your tongue
Hold your breath
Don’t let them know
There’s nothing left

It’s all their game
You’re the pawn
They won’t care
When you’re gone

Have some laughs
Pretend it’s all alright
That piece of you
That dies at night

It’s what you know
Vs what they don’t
It’s just your heart
Go for broke

Living for the sake of living
Dying all the while
Growing in a sense
But always that lost child

Stand your ground
Back away
What’s lost is found
Fears led astray

It’s never ending
Twists and turns
Forever bending
We never learn

Close your eyes
So you can’t see
Their disguise
Who they pretend to be

Bite your tongue
And second guess
It’s your everything
And they know best

Count to ten
Don’t sell your soul
Can’t have it end
It’s worth the gold

Hold your breath
Never discuss
It’ll all end in death
And your earned trust

Contributor ~ Amanda Zober

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