Where I Must Draw The Line

I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about delving into this subject. But I figured, why did I create this blog in the first place? To tackle the issues that I was personally frightened of, and to make sure I didn’t look back with regret. Questioning whether or not people would like me, or appreciate anything that I had to say. I guess that’s half the battle when it comes to doing this thing we call “Writing”. Making double sure we know what we want to say, and on top of all of that being honest with ourselves in those words we speak. So, here I go folks, diving into the deepest ocean and not coming up for air for awhile.

I am fed up with Religious ideas, where people will say the following “Well, we don’t have anything to worry about because we are going to be in a better place”. Sure, you have every right to believe something like that. But what about your life here? Is it really that meaningless, or are you just that fucking selfish? Where you’d abandon all reason, and give up and wait for some savior to come and get you and take you home? I take real issue with that type of thinking, because we do still have a life to live here. And waiting on something that may not even take place all together, to me is just one of the most foolish things you could do. Would Christ or Muhammad or whomever, want you to sit on your hands and wait for a liberator to rescue you? Or would that individual want you to do all you could to take care of yourself, and the family that you supposedly hold dear to your heart?

Why can’t you prepare, because we all know something is bound to happen. Would you be content with leaving someone behind, knowing you could have done everything you possibly could to help them thrive? I don’t think religious people actually think about that, and it’s a really sad reality that most don’t even consider. And I can’t even bring myself to laugh at you, because it’s just straight up pathetic knowing that you believe that. That’s its perfectly alright for you to go “Oh, no God will take care of us, or we’ll just die and everything will be fine” Yea, you may not have to worry about it, but what about everyone else that is still here? I challenge anyone, and I do mean anyone, to come forward and debate with me on this issue. Because, I have personally had it up my eyes with this notion of “Delusions Of Grandeur” because to me? When you actually have a life to live for the here and now, what happens after this should be the farthest from your mind. Because when shit really hits the fan, you will all pray for your God to save you. And I guarantee the first thing he’ll say is “I told you to make preparation, but did you?”

Alright, that’s just my little rant for the night. Had to get that off my chest, due to recent conversation.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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