That’s the safety. Flip it down, look through the sights at the end of the barrel to aim, and fire.

You know this is a strange relationship. I take you to see indie movies and go exploring for old books and you take me to motorcycle shows and gun ranges.

That’s what you get for messing around with a female cop.

A married female cop. Can’t forget that.

Don’t start. We both went into this with our eyes open. I told you how it was when we met that night at Frozen Paradise. It’s not like you could have resisted all this goodness anyway because I was looking good that night.

True dat, you were. Like I care anyway. He’s your problem, not mine.

Don’t say that. We enjoy each other so there’s no need to bring up my husband. You know you ain’t trying to marry me or anybody else anyway.

Yeah, I probably even like the fact you’re married because I can have my cake and eat it too chasing after other women.

You do know I’m holding a gun too right now, don’t you?

Yikes! Sorry. Slip of the tongue.

Uh-huh. I bet but again we both know what this is so no problem. We both make each other feel good and that’s all that matters. What’s that you told me one of your uncles told you? Ain’t nothing wrong with an even swap.

Yeah, guess so but that didn’t stop you from getting salty when Lavesa came to my place that day.

Darn that dizzy hussy. You need to schedule all your other women better because no one’s going to mess up my time with you.

Possessive aren’t we?

When it comes to what you give me I am but since I know you like to run around that’s why I keep the condoms handy.

It’s like that?

And that’s the way it is.


Now hold the gun with both hands, aim, and fire.

Why can’t I hold it sideways with one hand like they do in the movies?

Because the recoil will break your arm. Now concentrate on the target and fire.

That was fun.

Yeah, it releases a lot of stress from the job for me. The ammo is free for us so I might as well use it here instead of in the streets. Let’s see how you did.

Damn, that’s awful.

No, it’s decent enough for your first time.

Yep, first time. I don’t like guns but I can see why people do now because this kind of power is seductive. I still don’t want one because with my dark soul I may try to eat a bullet one night when the depression hits.

Don’t say that because we both know you’re not going to kill yourself or anybody else.

I could always reach for your gun and you can shoot me dead. Justified shooting.

And how would I explain being naked in your house wearing nothing but my hat and gun belt?

Could you lose your job behind something like that?

Sure could and end up in jail because adultery is still against the law in this state.

Seriously? Then I’ll be good.

Good to hear because Jesus knows I love what you do to me but I’ll end this thing right now if you’re going to bring problems like that to me.

That’s what your mouth say because you know I got you twisted all around me. You know I done rocked your world.

You do and you have but not the way you think, Dre. I can get sex anywhere because men and women make it very clear every day that they want me. Heck, I had men chasing after me when I was over three hundred pounds.

You kiddin’?

No, men like a pretty fat girl with light eyes. Would you have talked to me if I was still that big?

Yeah, just wouldn’t be seen in public with you. I’d call you my ‘Round Midnight girl because that would be the only time I’d let you come by.

See how you treat me?

I kid, babe, I kid. Weight can always be lost but if you’re ugly it don’t matter too much what the body looks like for me. You’re beautiful inside and out so I still would have gave you some holler.


If you got ‘em all lined up after you like that then why are you with me? I’m broke, a playa, and I have a bad attitude.

You’re also smart, handsome, and, despite all the junk you talk, you’re a caring person. All that and then what you do to me when our clothes come off. Mercy. So, I’m going to ride this and you until we can’t go no further.

Ha! You need to start back going to church because you got the fever.

I’ve never had the joy you give me though so don’t get embarrassed if I have to testify.

Crazy woman. You got the clip reloaded?

Yes. Here you go. Now again focus, aim, and fire.

Gotcha. You have a gun with a laser sight because those look cool.

No, but I love it when the bad guys pull one on me. Makes it easier to to know where I’m shooting.

Damn, you’re serious aren’t you, Thea?

As heart attack, Dre, as a heart attack.


–Jason O. Logan


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