A Fan Chronology

Contributor: Rick McGimpsey


This little piece I wrote is nothing more than an avid fan’s attempt to embellish ideas I have grown to love over the years. I am not fond of fan-fiction and so I will attempt to defend this post as not being hypocritical by saying there is very little fabrication on my part in this piece. I merely collected events from fictional sources and made minor fabrications to make a cohesive whole.
What I have done is taken some of my favourite sci-fi films and placed them in a timeline that cohesively and consistently (I hope) gives the reader a fun, not-too-serious look at several fandoms placed in a single continuity.
I focused mostly on the Terminator and Alien series, not because I think they are the best, but; rather that they most consistently use the same themes and can easily be put together in one history. Many other fandoms that I personally love more such as Dune or Star Trek would contradict themselves due to the timelines not adding up.
I have added a few embellished fabrications here and there (mostly in the notes) to make the piece fit properly. I also wrote the chronology as an actual historical work thus the events will be treated as historical occurrences rather than fictional films.
By no means do I attempt to claim this as canon or official. This is pure fun and amusement for me and I hope my readers enjoy it as much as I did writing it. I also want to add that I did not take upcoming sequels or the AvP films into account when I wrote this.

Submitted to the Terran Department of Patents:

The following is a chronology presented by the Genetic and Robotics Research Division of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation.
The compiled events are herein presented as pertinent facts regarding our company’s history and involvement in genetic research and android intelligence.

Pre-History: Architects, according to present day theory, designed and seeded life on Terra.

1997: Judgment Day

2029: Kyle Reese is sent to 1984.

1984 (Cycle 1*): T-800 Terminator sent by Skynet attempts to assassinate Sarah Conner, mother of famed resistance leader John Conner. The attempt fails thanks to the efforts of Kyle Reese sent from 2029 via time-displacement capsule who protects Sarah Conner and destroys the T-800.
Microchip from the fallen T-800 is acquired by Cyberdyne and subjected to research.
John Conner is born.

1995 (Cycle 1): John Conner, his mother, Miles Dyson, and a reprogrammed T-800 postpone Judgment Day.

2004 (Cycle 1): Judgment Day. John Conner and his wife, Kate Brewster, lay the foundation of the resistance against Skynet.

2029/1984 (Cycle 2): Kyle Reese is sent by John Conner to protect his mother.

1995 (Cycle 2): Judgment Day averted.

The next couple decades see economic turmoil allowing Eastern markets to become dominant. After years of economic distress and environmental disasters resources are directed toward colonising other worlds and expanding space exploration.
Remnants of Miles Dyson’s research is picked up by Dr. Eldon Tyrell and Peter Weyland who independently develop robots** and found the Tyrell Corporation and the Weyland Corporation (later merged with Yutani).

2089-2093: Archaeological discovery uncovers evidence that life on Terra was designed by genetic engineers millions of years ago. An expedition is conducted to LV-223 where a bio-research station is discovered.***

2122: Xenomorph discovered by crew of a space-tug on LV-426. The vessel’s Mother Computer reveals a military project to utilise the aliens as bio-weapons.****

2154:  After a large deposit of unobtanium is discovered on Pandora an attempt is made to colonise the planet for its resources. The operation fails after the indigenous tribes led by a renegade marine sabotage the project.*****

2179: Marine forces fail to contain a Xenomorph outbreak on the now-colonised LV-426. Ellen Ripley, the only survivor, crashes on prison world, Fiorina 161. After discovering she is a host to a xenomorph she commits suicide by immolation to prevent further military research on the animals.

2379: After decades of unsuccessful attempts to clone Ripley and the xenomorph a successful cloning is finally achieved. However, the alien is killed and Ripley disappeared after crash-landing on Terra.

This report has been submitted by Weyland-Yutanin in the hopes of clarifying the nature of our involvement in the development of robotic A.I. and genetic research. We hope that the Department of Patents will use this information to allow us to continue receiving royalties for all future developments in robotic intelligence and genetic research on all alien life previously cataloged in our archives. The full exhaustive catalog will be included in this report. Such income of course will be used appropriately in developing more effective robots and introducing new discoveries in bio-research to combat disease and provide the additional research the Terran military has requested for their bio-weapons division.


*cycle 1: Several theorists have suggested that there have been many cycles. There is a view that time-travel causes minor alterations to temporal minutia that after several cycles “add up” to a nexus point in time where the cyclic loop can be broken. Hence, there was an eventuality where Judgment Day was averted rather than postponed. This allowed humanity to finally reach year 2030 instead of backtreading to 1984 every 2029.

**robots: Although Tyrell’s replicants were deemed hazardous leading to the emergence of Blade Runner Units, Peter Weyland’s androids were more successful.

***bio-research station: Carved artwork in the station revealed images of xenomorphs. This has led many to believe the “engineers” designed them as well.

****bio-weapons: The exact nature of the government’s plan at this time and how long they knew of the existence of xenomorphs is uncertain.

*****pandora: For more details consult Dr. Max Patel’s excellent textbook, The Avatar Project.

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