the phoenix by kyle gerst

Trials and tribulations
i have been feeling  like my whole life is been a winded road that is wating for a celbreation
the pot of gold that leads to jubilation
but as life delivers discombulated emotions
i feel like im a piece of granule caught in the ocean
just drifting away
feeling somewhat like tom hanks on cast away
ugh and as i stand up to get back on the horse
failure and mistakes seem to take there corse
i guess that way symbolically
the phoneix means so much to me
because we all deserve a 2nd chance
but i case i dont get it
im jumping in
to the deep end
buts there no rest for wicked
so as i clockin fully engage sleep is forbidden
im taking advantage this overtime
cuz the world is mine
the world is mine

Contributor- Kyle Gerst


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