minds convoluted a freestyle by Kyle Gerst

minds convoluted
so many thoughts and visions where can i begin to dictate what will be successfully executed
and keep my mind from self disillusions of grandeur that leave the individual with a ego that is polluted
perhaps thats why i need to vicariously live through Vladimir Putin
and grow some gigantic Russian balls
preposterous because conversely i seem distant through the barriers caused by this lack of harmonious existence
all lies just pure non satirical nonsense
i just need that confidence that only be gained through 100 percent pure concentrated potatoe grain
the one cure that is known by experts around the world to relief aches and pains
what is that you say?
why of course through verbal dialectic discourse one could reasonably extract that the final and finite solution is…..
you guessed it alcohol
2 does of 1.75 gallons over a period not to exceed 7 days
then and only then will i understand the true meaning of what it means to get paid
to drop top and shine like cash moneys rich gang in the Escalade
so i can deter myself from this meaningless existence and stay forever materialistic
but isn’t that twisted
that nice things and shiny stones
could replace that beat of your drum that molds you into being your own


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