Short n Sweet Review “The Imitation Game”

I had seen several of these types of films in the past, and a few had stood out from the pack. This was without a doubt one of those particular pieces for me. It of course focused in on the life and times of the late Alan Turing. Who had many titles to his name I might add, but in this review we will only focus in on what he is most known for. Which is being pretty much the first person to make strides in designing the technology, of what we call today “Computers”. I really loved this, I don’t think a person could have handled such a role better than Benedict Cumberbatch. He approached it with such reverence and grace, it seems almost as if he’s not playing a part. One of the main issue’s with the story I felt, was the fact that I felt it was a bit rushed. Mainly with the so called “Bullies” of the story, that gave him so many issues early in life. I didn’t feel as if at the time that was properly expounded upon, and we never got an understanding of why he was attached relentlessly. Despite some of the holes, which weren’t what you’d call gaping. I really did enjoy the relationships surrounding this film, none of them felt forced onto the audience. I’d recommend this to someone whom has an appreciation for period pieces. It of course isn’t lacking in the suspense category either.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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