Innocent or Guilty

Innocent or guilty, matter of court
Hear him laugh, giggle, snort
The jury looks on
The judge asks him what’s wrong
The defendant says, “This is a joke.
Charged for the death of a girl who broke.
I knew of but didn’t know her;
friends we never were.
It wasn’t me with the gun,
so are we done?”

The ADA calls him to the stand
“You say you don’t understand,
yet you told her to do it.”
“I didn’t know she’d submit;
they were just words.”
“What you said, she heard.”
Closing arguments are made,
The verdict will be unswayed.

I don’t mean to be cynical
Or overly critical
This tale is lyrical
The case is mythical
His thoughts typical
His blatant dismissal
Should be clinical

The Jury’s reached it’s verdict
The judge thought it perfect
“We the jury find…”
All breath resigned
The words hung in the air
He cried, “It’s not fair!”
“You said go die and she did;
it’s your fault too, kid.”
“Will you just listen to me?”
He couldn’t be guilty
“She did and died,”
His mouth hung open wide,
“Watch what you say,
you just might pay.”

Contributor ~ Amanda Zober


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