Thoughts For The Day “Daily Rants”

I have to say this, I really found myself questioning whether I should though. I have a family, who is primarily Christian based faith. And yet, for years I have begun my transition of stepping away from that practice. As most of you know from previous subjects on this, I don’t really hide out from what I believe most Religions are. But I don’t really see this as a moment for just pure anger mush, which is what this would probably be. I see this as more of me purging myself of that, and allowing it to no longer bother me. Being able to give someone the benefit of the doubt, and try to understand where they are personally coming from. I guess to get the respect, you have to learn to give it? So, I suppose that’s something that I have to do from here on out.

To not be so quick to make enemy’s out of the people that I know care the most. As much as that would be something I would shy away from, I would just like to point out that I don’t think my Family is wrong on their stance and what they believe. What I think is wrong, is the personal Judgement they bestow on myself and others, simply because they and myself believe something different. See, I feel like Christians, and most other Religious folks lose sight of things. They try so hard to make everything about showing people Gods love, and some how they misplace it themselves. You love me, and other people. And yet, you can’t make room for people who are less fortunate than you? You can’t let someone into your fold, because someone says “Well, I love someone no matter what sex they are.” I don’t know, the aspect of love to me doesn’t discriminate.

And yet, so many out there who buy into such doctrine. Can’t put an arm around another person and go “God love you too” See, I have an issue with that and that by itself. Because how can you love the sinner but hate the sin? How can you claim that as truth? What happened to unconditional love? Love doesn’t come a price, and yet daily it cast down because one individual makes a decision that is best for them. I don’t want to hate anyone, I feel like that makes me just as guilty. But there is so much hypocricy involved that its absolutely disgusting. But I guess since its family, you have to turn the other cheek? And just let it roll off your shoulder, and give in when you really don’t want to? I have to show them love, even when they’re at their worst. That isn’t me, but maybe for them it just has to be that way. Maybe teaching them what it all really is about, maybe that’s my task at hand? I guess that’s what I have to do, swallow my pride and just keep my mouth shut. No matter how much I want to lash out, and how much anger is derived from such conversations. Maybe being the better man is all I have to give to this, and I suppose deep down I am alright with that.

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


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