Rick’s Star Trek Blog #3: Links to the Best Star Trek Sites

Contributor: Rick McGimpsey

For many of us Star Trek fans, simply owning the films and shows on DVD/Blu-ray isn’t enough. That’s why we were given over the years an expanded universe of books, games, comics, etc. which helped slake our thirst for new Star Trek material. And there are, of course, the many discussion forums, fan clubs, conventions, and groups that also help keep the fandom alive. However, some of these are not always easy to find.
I spent several hours searching for various Star Trek related sites on the internet and was pleased to find my labours fruitful. I have compiled here a fairly large list of sites that should please any Trekkie/Trekker looking for a place to revel in their fandom.

Here is what a believe to be the best among the Star Trek sites I have found.


This is, of course, the official site that any decent Trekkie has bookmarked already. It’s a great starting place for Star Trek fans and it is always up-to-date on news and events.

Memory Alpha

A fantastic wiki that has articles on every facet of the canon Star Trek universe.

Memory Beta

Another fantastic wiki that has articles on every facet of the Star Trek expanded universe and other non-canonical material.

Ex Astris Scientia

A very cool database for in-depth articles on Star Trek topics in an encyclopedic fashion. Much of this material is available in Memory Alpha, but there is some extra stuff.

Star Trek Minutiae

This website has lots of detailed articles on subjects that are given more overview looks in other sources. There is an awesome section where there can be found several articles on Star Trek lore presented as actual Starfleet Academy training courses.


This is a social network made for Star Trek fans.
Unfortunately registering involves admission by admin approval which can take time.

Trek Radio

An online radio station that features podcasts relating to Star Trek news and topics.
The music varies from Current pop to classic rock.

Star Trek Starship Handbooks

This site has fantastic free pdf. downloads for handbooks on the various Star Trek vessels and their specs. You will not be disappointed.

Jay’s Physics and Star Trek

This is for the hardcore science geeks. This site has articles on warp theory and the physics of faster-than-light travel. Not for people with no interest in science.

International Federation of Trekkers

A charitable relief organisation run by Star Trek fans.

This list, of course, is by no means exhaustive; but it serves to give my fellow Treksperts a look at the other fansites available out there for us. Do a little digging and you may find some more sites you may love.

Live long and prosper


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