This One Should Be Fun…. (Daily Rants) Part 1

So, you know when you’re scrolling through the internet, and you come upon something so hilariously idiotic that you have to share? Well, not only was I doing that but I was watching a few videos of an assortment of Youtube personality’s. People that post content that is so repugnant, that you cannot help yourself and have to make fun of them. So, lets get onto the bashing shall we?

1. Christians Who Have No Clue

Now, I myself have developed over the years a respect for skeptics and Conspiracy Theorist’s. For I myself am both of those things, but I know when to pull things back. And realize that not everything in this world is one giant manipulation after the other. So, this brings me to exhibit #1 something so absolutely absurd. That I myself could not believe that a person, for along time that I myself had a lot of respect for could say such things. I will leave a link below to his video, and you might say Chris. You are just giving him free publicity, and yes while this may be the case. I feel it is necessary to expose this revolting behavior. It’s people like this that make me question my own sanity on a daily basis. Individuals who expose their children to this kind of stuff, and I just hope and pray that he never is able to conceive. Because for a child to hear this filth, would put a stain on the world that we probably could never recover from. His proof, is nothing more than what he wants it to be… this has no merit whatsoever and it should be abolished from anyone having to listen to it.  Is he entitled to an opinion? Sure, but I am just as entitled to tell him that I think that his content lacks substance. Especially when it effects people that could actually believe this garbage. That’s when you have to step up and go, no I wont take it anymore!!!

2. Ridiculous Dinasour Theories

I didn’t originally really know what to make of this particular one. But when I first saw this one, I immediately thought this was a girl trolling everyone. Upon watching another video called “Next Level BS” I found out that this was indeed not a hoax. And she absolutely believed every single word she was spewing. After watching an interview, and finally figuring out this wasn’t complete bullshit. I delved much deeper into this subject matter. And rather than throwing my two cents in, because on this my opinion doesn’t make what she say’s wrong. It would only make her look like an idiot, which clearly this is all I am trying to accomplish by writing this piece. Just to make myself seem less stupid myself however, I will go right ahead and post something that clearly debunks this girls claims. I don’t know myself about the details of this subject, but I do know that there is evidence that they do exist, and to say otherwise is just absolutely preposterous.

3. Dumb Blonde

You come on the internet from time to time to search for really dumb shit. And then you actually find something, and you question whether or not it’s based in reality. This girl is seriously debating whether or not a dog has a fucking brain!?!? Oh dear lord…. help us please someone!!! It’s painful to even go over my thoughts on something like this. You know what? Screw it, I can’t do this!! I will just let you watch and laugh.

4. Stupid Food Challenges On Youtube

This one I have to admit, is sort of a guilty pleasure of mine to be honest. I recall watching my first of these things back in 2010 I think it was. It was one of those cinomen challenges, when they just started to become somewhat popular. And then everyone and their brother was following along, and doing the same damn thing. Then, everyone seems to put out something different every week. Some of the people I had genuine respect for, became a victim of this and it just continued for years after that. Until it seemed as if all the other people were doing the same exact thing. It was certainly one of those internet trends that you truly wished would just die off. But sadly, even years later it has still pushed onward, and become one of the most asinine things on the internet.

I will continue with Part 2 at a later date, so be sure and stayed tuned in!! =)

Contributor- Chris Ballenger


One thought on “This One Should Be Fun…. (Daily Rants) Part 1

  1. chrisballenger953 Post author

    I would be willing to posit that the girl in #3 doesn’t have a brain. I can see that she has plenty of plastic though.
    I think she is trolling, however, since I have seen some of her other videos and they are all as idiotic as this one. I am not so cynical, yet, to believe that people say things this stupid and mean it. I think she is, instead, just a bimbo playing dumber than she is for attention.

    -Rick McGimpsey



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